Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Naruto 638 Review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for this very early chapter of Naruto. I wasn't expecting this chapter to come out a day earlier but its a very pleasant surprise for me. You can check out last week's chapter review here.
Last week's chapter ended with Obito absorbing the Jyuubi and becoming its host, resulting in this new creature called Jobito (non-cannon but its catchy). We start the chapter with a glimpse of how he became the new Jnichuriki, the way he sealed the ten tails seems very similar to how he uses his Kamui technique to me.

Either way Obito absorbs the Ten tails completely it seems, and just like how every Jinchuriki has some sort of physical characteristic of their tailed beast (Naruto's whiskers, Roshi's red hair) Obito also develops some changes thanks to absorbing the Jyuubi.

Naruto sums up the absorption process quite nicely, he knows what the chakra of the other tailed beasts looks like and saw all of them enter Obito, also the seal that Obito used is different than the one Nagato had when he revived everyone, although it should be noted that Madara almost did manage to force Obito into reviving him in the previous chapter and that Obito's current white hair is due to the fact that he Almost completed in reviving Madara.

Oddly enough we don't see the image of Obito actually using the seal in the panel of him and Nagato, although its a bit dark so its hard to tell, either way it is a different seal but at the start Obito was controlled hard by Madara. Bee final makes a reappearance and the Hachibi is looking in bad shape without all its teeth, it mentions that the Ten tails had yet to reach its full form, this means its probably not as powerful as it would have been had Obito sealed it later.

Whether or this means the Jyuubi will reach its final form is questionable now, but if we assume Obito can absorb natural energy it should, if not then its a good thing it got sealed before it reached its full potential.

Even without reaching full power though, the new Jobito is incredibly powerful, able to remove the barrier that was used on it before in seconds as well as resisting Hashirama's famous Mokuten control that he has on all the Tailed beasts. Hachibi sums it up by saying that Jobito isn't stronger than when it was free, its powers have simply been more focused, something we know happened earlier with another tailed beast.

Its quite Ironic that Obito caught both of the mindless Tailed beasts, oh well such is life. The destruction of the barrier means we will probably see the Kages be more active in the fight now, due to the fact that they no longer have to sustain anything, Kishi also hints at possibly another path the story might take with this panel.

The focus on the moon in this panel is a strong foreshadow to me at least that we might see more of the ten tails evolution, since its "True" body is said to be sealed in the moon somewhere, what that means right now is sketchy but I think we haven't seen the last of the Jyuubi's evolutions yet.

Still even the strain of containing the current Jinchuriki seems to put a large strain on the already unstable Obito as he cant seem to even remember who he is, it would be pure irony if the only power that could revive Rin turns out to be a power that causes you to forget everything, ahh how delicious that would be.

Hashirama admits to being weaker than Obito, and apparently Madara is bored of waiting and decides to use his Trump card now, I cant really imagine what this is in anyway, but I'm guessing its some sort of method to control Obito, it really cant be anything else can it? The only other option is if he can somehow bring back the Original sage of six paths but zombies bringing back zombies seems so lame to me.

Chapter ends with Obito ripping the first two Kages into pieces, its brutal and a strong demonstration of his amazing power, the speed to surprise those two and the ability to just take them apart is quite scary, its a stronger demonstration to me than all the nuclear missiles the Jyuubi fired in its beast form. Still I don't imagine he has anyway of actually sealing the ET Kages so while impressive its hardly anything to get excited about, I'd have preferred him to tear someone else apart, someone irreplaceable to the story like Tenten or Shino but two zombies? meh.


I really have no predictions right now as this story is spinning out of control, after many chapters of utter predictability its nice to see the story advance in a way I really have no idea how it will go. Because of this I think this chapter deserves a 4 out of 5.