Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Naruto 636 Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Naruto 636, to read my review of last week's chapter click here.

Last week I asked if you guys think any of the Kages should have died when they fought Madara. The majority of voters (66%) said that yes, at least some of them should have died, while roughly 20% said no, they shouldn't die and the remaining 14% said they werent sure. Personally I believe at the very least Oonoki and Tsunade should die, I mean now we got 5 more kages fighting Madara, it seems like way too many characters in one place and I am not sure how Kishi will give them all the attention they need.
Anyways onwards to today's review

This is one of the most Kakashi-centric chapters to come out, and its pretty awesome just for that. Whoever predicted that last week's ending was genjutsu, congrats to you as you were correct, Kakashi and Obito's mutual piercing turned out to be just a trick. It seems every battle between two Sharingan users starts out with a genjutsu duel, as this also happened between Sasuke and Itachi when they fought.

Seeing this panel reminded me of Kakashi's very first fight against Zabusa and how he said almost the exact same thing, which leads me to believe that like with Zabusa, Kakashi will probably deliver the finishing blow against Obito.

I loved the various flashbacks between the current fight and a fight they had before when they were kids. It was interesting to see the differences that time has had on those two men, were as before as children Obito was definitely the "good guy" to Kakashi and people would have cheered for him instead, now as adults their roles have completely switched, ironically this reversal was caused by each of them adopting the other's philosophy in life.

Obito became a lot more like Kakashi after being crushed, he abandoned all sense of friendship and ties to people and believed accomplishing his mission of reviving Rin to be the most important thing in his life. Kakashi though became more like Obito, caring more about people and putting their well fare above everything else.

A lot of Kakashi's thoughts are about Naruto this chapter, because Naruto reminds him the most of the past Obito, the guy who made Kakashi a better man. While its too late to change the current Obito into a good guy ( and I personally hope he doesn't, he should die evil) the current Naruto is just what Kakashi imagines Obito could have been.

The past and present fight end in the same way, in both cases Kakashi won but unlike before where Minato was around to stop the fight, in this dimension its just both men and unlike before where it ended with a peace sign between them, here it does in fact end the same way as it did in the genjutsu earlier. Both of them did pierce each other but its clear that Obito's wound is far more serious than Kakashi's.

The battle ends with Obito retreating back to the real world, quick question, can Kakashi use Kamui on himself to get out of this alternate dimension? I cant remember and I hope someone can refresh my memory on this.

Meanwhile Madara is growing bored of his fight with Hashirama's clones, and notices that Obito has returned and is severly injured, instead of helping him out Madara immediately uses the chakra receivers and Zetsu cells Obito has in his body (the ones he used to replace his entire right side of the body) to control him and force Obito to revive him.

Its a sad ending for Obito, this technique kills the user so its almost guaranteed he will die to revive Madara, and while he did become a bit boring after taking his mask off, I found that Obito thinking of Rin in his last moments to be a bit touching. Its also a little ironic to think that for a peson who manipulated people from his first appearance, Obito was never even fully in control of his body, Madara could have forced him to perform the technique whenever he felt like it but instead allowed him to run around on a whim, and when he decided to revive himself he simply forced Obito to use the technique.

A sad ending for the character most of us saw as a master manipulator.


well this chapter set up a few possibilities, but lets start with the most obvious one.
* Madara revives himself, fairly obvious but I don't know if this is actually an advantage for him or not, sure he can be the Jyuubi host but with an undead body he is immortal and has unlimited chakra, plus who can say that Madara can contain the Jyuubi anyways?

* Obito might not die from using this technique, I think this is more likely because we saw how in the past Minato stopped the fight between Kakashi and Obito, and I get the feeling that this time Naruto will stop Kakashi from killing Obito, sort of a generation thing.


I loved this chapter, I've been waiting for a Kakashi chapter for a long time so naturally I'd love anything including him, even so his fight with Obito was well done and the chapter had a pretty awesome cliffhanger. It seems this war arc is finally shaping up cause the last few chapters have been quite decent, Obito's death ( or soon to be death) hit me a bit more than I thought it would to be honest, Although I felt this fight was a bit rushed and could have been expanded upon, I still think this chapter deserves a 5 out of 5.