Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Naruto 634 Review.

Hey everyone, the latest chapter of Naruto just came out and I'm glad I have the time to review it, luckily my final exams have been pretty easy and haven't eaten the giant chunk of time I expected them to take.

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Last week's poll was split almost evenly between all the techniques the rookie 9 showed, Shino's bugs were considered the most impressive though so congrats to him, oddly enough Kiba who I thought displayed the most amazing skill of all (come on, how awesome is Cerebrus?) got almost no votes at all. Anyways lets talk about this week's chapter.

The chapter starts out with a pretty sweet panel of team 7 on their respective summon, Naruto immediately asks how Gamakachi got this big, which is a fair question considering that he didn't get much bigger in the 2.5 years time skip yet he got huge since the invasion of Pein arc not too long ago, but alright lets not nitpick here.

( Anyone wondering what Bunta is doing? what is more important that fighting the Jyuubi right now?)

Its interesting to see the sheer size of the Jyuubi when compared to the summons, they seem tiny next to it and their gigantic in their own rights.

I gotta admit, I like the new snake summon, I think this is the first snake summon we get who isn't a complete jackass, the Mandas were pretty annoying but this new guy is quite awesome. Also some people seem to think its wrong that Sasuke can still summon snakes but that seems pretty normal to me, he probably made a pact with them just like Naruto did with the toads.

Its weird to think though that while the new generation of Sanin get their own summons, Sakura is stuck with Katsuya again, would have been interesting if she got her own summon like her team mates did.

So team 7 charges ahead with their summons, well 2/3 of them do and Sakura stays behind, a little disappointing in my opinion that she isn't going forward and killing stuff to, I mean all she did since her big powerup was one gigantic punch and then summoning Katsuya to heal, I would have liked a bit more punching from her. But it seems we wont be getting that.

Loving the combination of Susanno and Aoda, by combining the massive mobility of the snake with the sheer power of Susanno, Sasuke is really a lethal force. I get the feeling this might be a foreshadow of a Kyuubi/Susanno combo in the future, something we already saw Madara perform in the past. 

We get a small montage of the rookie 9 wishing the best, and yet again, Lee and Tenten are gone. What is up with that? I mean sure Lee already had a small moment when he and Naruto attacked the Uchiha duo like 10 chapters ago, but since then he's been missing for too long. You'd think Tenten as one of the best long range fighters would be seen throwing some kunai or something but nope, she's invisible too it seems.

Also Sakura sure seems awfully proud of Sasuke this chapter too, crying just from watching his techniques? yeah sorry Naru/Saku fans, Kishi is killing that pairing hard.

The wind/fire combo was mentioned 300 chapters ago and its nice to see it finally combined here between Sasuke and Naruto, and whats more it looks like it actually did damage the Jyuubi for once ( which it will heal off by the next chapter of course). The combination though did kind of make Naruto say something a little weird.

Well, whatever makes you happy Naruto.

Juugo sure gets a lot of attention for a guy who just stands around doesn't he? and it seems Sai might be suspecting something as well, I like this development a lot, its nice to think that Sasuke might have some hidden motives for what he does rather than just being this good guy all of a sudden.

Love this last panel, after weeks of speculating what Orochimaru is doing and where he is, we finally find out, he's gone to help Tsunade, and that's probably why he needed Karin as well since she's an amazing sensor and could help him find her ( also for her healing abilities as well). Whether or not Orochimaru intends to help though is another question, but this is honestly one of the best cliffhangers we've had for a long time and I'm excited for next week's chapter.


Obviously the biggest  prediction to make right now is what is Orochimaru up to? he's either there to kill the Kages ( or in some way harm them) Or he's there to heal them, me I don't think he means to help them, it just doesn't seem like something he would do. Then again a reunion of those two Sannin is quite exciting to look forward to.

A really good chapter this week, which is a relief considering how last week was pure fanservice, while the story didnt actually move forward much here, the pieces were set up nicely, mainly with Orochimaru, its amazing how that guy can make a chapter better just by appearing in one panel, but he pulls it off here nicely, this chapter gets a 4 out of 5 from me.