Thursday, 6 June 2013

Its hard to live up to People's Expectations.

When I was a kid, I remember being quite careless, being the youngest in the family meant I could afford to be that way and looking back at that time I kinda wish it had lasted longer.

The thing is, when people are careless, cruel or stupid, nobody has any expectations from them, why should they? they cant do anything so in return nobody asks them for anything, think of some idiot you know, do you expect them to do anything amazing anytime soon? probably not and you know what they are happier because of that.

When nothing is expected there is no pressure, just doing the bare minimum is more than enough, which makes me think that being cruel and stupid is the easiest way to be happy in this world.
If you're cruel, than nobody will ask you for anything, they have learned that cruel people will always say no, which means you have all the time in the world for yourself, you're not helping anyone so your time is your own and the thing is, cruel people don't have the conscience to feel guilty when they refuse to help anyone. They wont feel bad about refusing to do a favor for someone, unlike the rest of us who have to live with the guilt of knowing we might have helped someone but couldnt.

The idiots of the world are equally lucky in this regard, because they aren't exactly capable of doing much, people also avoid asking them for anything, not exactly for the same reason as they avoid asking cruel people but because they know that asking an idiot for help wont exactly turn out well for them.

Caring and helping people leads to them expecting you will always do the same for them, its the natural risk you take every time you do a favor for someone, lend someone money once and you will become the first person they ask the next time they need help. And should you refuse them they will forget every single instance of help you offered and focus on this one time that you said no.

Thats the sad price people pay for doing any sort of good deed, which they dont have to pay if they simply refuse to help anyone, how much easier would life be ( for some people) if they just stopped helping others and focused on themselves?

The other day I was in my university, tired and sleepy and I didn't have classes for hours, but on the way to my room I met someone I knew who had an exam in 2 hours and needed someone to tutor him, I cant say I was eager to help but I agreed to, here's someone who needs my help and its not like it costs me much.

Half way through teaching him I asked why he didn't just study with one of his classmates and he told me that they had agreed to study this morning but instead his classmate had slept and didn't bother to wake up and help him, I wondered then who was happier, me helping this guy I barely knew wishing I could be sleeping, or his lazier friend who hadn't cared enough to help him.

The sad part is now I am expected to help every time he needs to study, which puts me in an awkward position of not really wanting to help but also not wanting to disappoint the poor guy.

Life would be easier if people didn't expect anything from others, doing nice things would be easier cause we know its a one time event instead of worrying that people will start relying on us, which they eventually do if we are nice enough for a long enough time.

Hmm, I didn't think this post would go like this when I started but I guess I'm glad I ranted in the end. Life is complicated and honestly keeping others expectations of us low seems like the much simpler and happier way to live, or at least I believe so.