Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Reality is harsh

It seems that almost everytime I open my facebook account or watch something I get the usual message of how if we try hard enough, anything can happen. All you need in life is to believe in yourself, if you believe it will happen.
Yeah..... Life doesn't work that way.

I'm not sure what these messages are really trying to tell us, because sometimes no matter how much we believe, no matter how much we try our hardest we will fail. Its inevitable that we won't always get what we want in life despite our best efforts and hard work we put in.

No you'll never cook in real life remi.
I remember watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother recently where there is a basketball tournament and all the kids are told that they don't need to win or practice hard, all that matters is having fun, which is nice and all but completely unrealistic.

Life is hard and messy and that's a fact society seems to ignore. Sure some people really do live a blissfull life ( thanks to money) but the rest of us will have to struggle, work hard, put in all our effort and may still not get the thing we aimed for.

Though I suppose you can't buy respect.
What does matter is that even when we fail, we learn how to get better, the relationships that ended may teach you how to treat your next partner better, failing an exam might help us learn how to study better and coming last in a race doesn't take away all the health benefits from running.

At the end of the day, winning or losing isn't the end of the world. Eventually we have to accept our losses and move on, hopefully learning something valuable along the way. Only one person may win in some things but everyone can wake up, face their daily trials and go to bed hopefully a better person than they were in the morning.

I love this movie for telling us bad endings happen sometimes.