Saturday, 11 June 2011

Game of thrones "Pointy end" review Part 2

Ah hello to the one other reader in my blog, I will continue part 2 of the pointy end review after last night's overwhelming response to my first review * sarcasm mode off*  so without further ado lets begin.

When we last saw Tyrion he was leaving the the Eyrie with Bronn the sellsword, We catch up with them with tyrion whistling and being told to shut-up because they are still stuck in the Vale surrounded by mountain tribes.

                                                            A loving couple

Tyrion reminds bronn that no matter what, Tyrion enjoys living over anything else and if bronn is ever offered gold to betray him, Tyrion will double that. Its a cool early defense to put up to show how cautious Tyrion is.

However bronn was right when he said all that whistling would attract the Tribsemen, Which tyrion takes advantage of by offering them the Vale in exchange for their protection, he does this by offering them his food ( its kinda like being cornered by a gang of 50 and saying " I will Give you my wallet" even though they can take it anyways :P)

He then proceeds to mock them and their weapons and reminds them that he is a lannister and with him they can take the vale, our barbarian friends are impressed and follow tyrion.

Our next scene with tyrion is him reaching the army of his father, the man who shits gold himself, Tywin lannister, and if you think Tyrion is badass, You'll find his father is even more so, played by Charles Dance, he exudes confidence and power in every word he says, and its no wonder his children are so accomplished.

He briefs his son on the current going on, telling him about Robert's death and Ned's betrayal, as well as Robb Starks rebellion against them, leaving Tyrion speechless ( a rare feat) at how much he missed, before leaving him to prepare for the oncoming battle.

                                                          Damn do lannisters have a cool sigil.

We leave the Lannisters and proceed to the other side of the war, the Starks are preparing in Winterfell Led by Robb stark, who calls all his father's friends and allies for a meeting to discuss who is in and out of their crusade.

During the meeting, some of the Lords dont want to be led by a pup like Robb, and the most vocal of them is Greatjon, a burly old man who thinks he should lead instead, and proceeds to draw his sword.

                                                      Greywind pre-asskicking someone.

In the north, drawing your sword against your lord is to face death, and when Greywind kindly reminds Greatjon about that..... by tearing off 2 fingers.

                                                 Greywind has two bones to pick with you.

After being attacked Greatjon shows why he earned the Great part in his name, by brushing off the attack and Laughing like a madman, which promopts the rest of the men to laugh as well, you know he aint so bad after all.

We then proceed to Robb's camp, its interesting to see how different the Lannister and Stark camps are, tywin lannister plans alone with his brother while Robb has everyone there to offer their opinion and battle strategy, it shows the difference between the fair Starks and the dominating Lannisters.

During that time a Lannister spy is captured, and its here that Robb shows why he leads and doesnt follow, he decides to let the spy go, an act which everyone present opposes, but Robb is merciful/confident? and lets him go anyways, an act which angers greatjon....

Random thoughts on the episode.

* Rickion is shown for the first time since episode one, For people who dont read the books its easy to forget him.
* Does anyone else find sansa to be totally unlikable? she and jeoffrey are so made for each other.... well they would be if she was his sister.


"Robb: Tell Lord Tywin winter is coming for him. Twenty thousand northerners marching south to find out if he really does sh*t gold."

"Tyrion: And here we have Bronn, son of...
Bronn: You wouldn't know him."

"Shagga: Shagga will remind the half-man that if he betrays us, shagga will cut of his cock-
 Tyrion: and feed it to the goats, yes thank you."

"Syrio: What do we say to the God of death?
Arya: Not today.
Syrio: Go"