Saturday, 11 June 2011

Game of thrones "Pointy end" review Part 1

Hello everyone, welcome to my first blog and review, i'm very new at this so please be gentle with me :P

This page will review the latest episode of game of thrones, titled " Pointy End" so kick back, enjoy and dont drink anything offered from a eunich.

This episode follows the path of multiple characters as the series slowly drifts into a war between the Starks and Lannisters so lets start with the youngest ( well now revealed to be second youngest ) Stark.

Arrya Kicks off the episode with another lovely lesson with her dancing teacher, the amazing Syrio who teaches you the difference between looking and seeing, and informs you when you die in a fight ( A skill I am sure is useful when you do infact, die) when Lannister guards show up to catch her, in the series she doesnt know her father is caught yet, but in the book she is well aware they are there for her, not much of a difference though..

Syrio finds this suspicous and rather then let them take her decides to fight them off to give Arrya a chance to escape, its a touching moment played almost perfectly by Miltos Yeromelou, but it doesn't last its  followed by Syrio showing us why he is called the "The first sword of Braavos" by Disarming and defeating 5 Lannister guards, with a freaking stick! Oh yes, you will Speak to him with more respect.
.......Too bad his sword is useless against the heavily armored Meryn who then proceeds to cut off his wooden sword :(

The scene ends ominously then, with Syrio's fate unrevealed.

( Minor quip: it looked like he could have picked one of those swords lying about, but i digress)

Arrya herself has a sword fight, well not much considering her opponent was snooty the stable boy, The scene played out too fast and seemed rather clunky to me, I think it could have been done better but it signals the start of a darker Arrya, one who is not afraid to kill to survive.

Ah but before we leave kings landing, we have another Much less liked Stark to talk about  ( Damn).

Sansa, is still in kings landing with hopes to get married to jeofrey ( the spawn of the devil and jaime) When lanister guards come for her, luckily she has A powerful sword instructor An old maid to protect her, who tells her to run away so sansa does not see how the guards cut her ( maid), she dies with dignity, but what kind of Soldiers will kill a defenseless woman anyways?

Not that it helps anyways, Sansa is still brought towards the queen in a very chilling scene, indeed the queen is trying to manipulate her and props to her for acting conflicted and confused in front of sansa, its easy to see now how she stayed married to Robert for so long.

But the queen has other issues to focus on, After making sansa write a letter to her brothers and mother, she proceeds to get the whole court assembled, to swear felty to the scumbag pictured below.....

Little douche.

The new king then proceeds to fire the oldest of the king's guard, offering his position instead to the Hound.

Ser selmy is, not happy with that having been a member of the king's guard for two kings now ( both dead ironically) he says this golden line "Even now I can cut through the five of you like carving a cake"
before leaving the room and the king's guard, perhaps forever.

                                      Guess we know where he wants to stick his pointy end.

Ah, Ned, sorry I forgot about you, well i guess it happens since you were barely in this episode, aside to show us that our poor hero is imprisoned, its a rather strange turn of events, one week he is Protector of the Realm, next he is rotting in a cell, its a situation brought on by Ned's many acts of "mercy".

When you choose honor before reason, this is the result, allowing the queen to escape, not telling Robert the truth, denying renly the throne, all these "Honorable" acts have led ned not to glory, but to a jail cell.

Sometimes to do the right thing you gotta do the wrong thing.

Ahh, finally, we can leave king's landing, and we head now to the wall, where news of Ned's betrayal reaches our favorite bastard, I'm not gonna say who he is thought...

                                                         * hint* *hint*

Jon's reaction to his father's betrayel is understandable, and Ser Mormont ( the father of Jorah by the way) Knows that Lord Snow might snap at any moment, and warns him " not to do anything stupid"

Anything stupid = attacking the sword trainer, precisely what Jon does after he gets mocked by ser Alister, a man he holds little love for even before he said anything about Ned.

This leads to the highlight of our week at the wall, the return of the white walker, by return we mean well....two of them but its something :D

and we see our favourite albino.

                                                              ( I love you Casper)

As our eyes fly high over the wall, where our good friend Sam Informs us he can read, we head over the sea, to our favorite couple, Danerys witnesses first hand the destruction brought on by khal drogo's raids to prepare for the invasion, the girl informs us that she has a strong stomach for war, yet still cannot bear to see the people suffer, her mercy extends to a group of women being raped when she says that she will " claim them" and have them under her protection....

Which does not sit well with our horny friends, who feel they have earned this "Right" and when danerys goes to khal drogo she finds him already informed about her little Claim, but he doesnt mind, its the power of love and he finds her new strength and defiance as a sign of their growing child, the "Stallion who shall mount the world"

One of the blood riders however fears that danerys is controlling too much of the dothraki, and calls her a " foreign whore" Which isnt the smartest thing to say infront of her giant husband, he then proceeds to one-up his stupidity by challenging said husband to a duel....

Khal drogo doesnt even use a weapon, he throws all his knives to the ground and decides to fight with speed and agility alone, showing us why he is the leader of the dothraki, he dodges all  save one blow of the reckless bloodrider before dispatching him in a very fashionable way...

                                                             (Flawless Victory)

and thus ends our time with the dothraki, they only get one scene this episode :(

I'll continue my Review in a few hours, tell me if you guys enjoy this style of reviewing or if I should change it a bit.