Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Naruto 543 review

Here's my first naruto review at chapter 543, despite being a fan of the serious since the first episode, still cant call me hasty I guess.

We start the episode almost immediately from when we finished it last week, with Raikage charging to get minato, but the 4th proves once again why he is the fastest ninja by avoiding Raikage and appearing right behind Bee by using his thunder god technique.

But before he goes through with it, Bee tells him that if he gets stabbed, he will stab the 4th in return, the flashback ends with the 4th praising Bee for being a true shinobi.
We're back to the present, where Naruto stills finds A too fast to beat, he takes Another clean hit but vows he wont give up ( does Naruto ever give up?)

After a particularly brutal hit from A, Bee decides to get involved and tries to use Lariat on his brother, Unluckily A is still too strong, but that may have been what B was planning all along.

Tough love.
Heh heh, dam is Bee badass, with both Jinchuriki against him A asks tsunade for her help, who hesitates for a bit before showing us which side she's on.
Raikage argues against her reasoning, he demands proof from Bee that he can win and Bee responds by charging at raikage and using another lariat on him, Turns out he was just faking and fistbumps A again, we then start another Flashback to when the Third Raikage died.

Bee finds A crying, which is kinda sad but he reminds him that starting tomorrow he will be Raikage, but A has other plans, he tells Bee to forget using lariat and focus on mastering the Tailed Beast Bomb, and that from now on B will never leave the village.

We switch back to the present, where we see a softer side of A, he preclaims how important Naruto and Bee are to the war and how they cant afford to lose them, Bee still wont give up and shouts that they will beat akatsuki and charges in for the 3rd lariat against his brother.

Bee knocks Raikage flat on his ass, as naruto stares in awe of B, he reminds us that a jinchuriki's power doesnt just come from the tailed beast but from somewhere else as well, the chapter ends with A being amazed by his brother.

A very solid chapter after almost 2 weeks of just flashbacks I thought this was a nice return to the main story, the fight between A and Bee is solid, and has quite an emotional feel to it, its easy to see that A loves his brother from training him to making sure he only uses long range attacks, he wants him to stay safe and will try anything to stop from losing him, but Bee is tired from being underestimated and wants to break free and show just how strong he is to A.

Its a big development for both of them, Tsunade also gets a nice moment when she backs up Naruto instead of A, she recognizes that their best chance to win would be to include their best weapons into the fight instead of hiding them.

Naruto himself doesnt do much in this chapter, aside from getting tossed aside by raikage, it shows the speed difference between him and his father in this chapter, where as Minato ran circles around A, naruto cant even land a single punch, looks like he has a long way to go to catch up.

Overall a very nice chapter, I'd give it 4 Lariats our of 5.