Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Losing Weight is a simple thing.

Not an easy thing to do though.

These days its all the rage to become fit, healthy, look good, be lean and so on and so forth.
The Scale, The Enemy...
And probably the most common thing people want when they think of health is " I wanna lose weight", and that's not surprising, considering how much Films, TV, magazines and even peer pressure discuss the topic its no wonder that weight has become such an issue, its the fastest way to judge someone, when you meet people for the first time the first thing we judge them by is how they look, and by that I don't mean " hmm, I wonder what shoe size they wear?", But along the lines of " s/he looks pretty good".

A lot of people have trouble with their weight, its not surprising really considering how much mis-information is given out " 5 minutes a day and you can lose 10 pounds in one month"...
Haven't we all heard that? but does it work? probably for a very small number of people, but for the rest of us, no it doesn't.

So what exactly should we do to lose weight? well I'll post about that later, but for now I'll give you the idea of Why people lose or gain weight.

Its all about calories people, the average man needs 2500 calories a day ( this varies significantly between guys but lets take it as a baseline) an average woman needs around 2000 calories ( again can vary hugely), this amount is how much you need if you don't exercise in a day, if you just lay around, watch TV and pretty much do nothing, you'll need this much.

But what happens if you take more then the needed amount of calories? if you need 2000 but you took in say, 2300 what happens then? Well your body wont refuse that, the 300 calories you took and they are gonna get stored in your body and while 300 calories isn't much, lets see where it takes us.

300 Calories never looked so good Evil!
Lets say you keep up with this 300 calories extra a day, its only 300 its not much, however come 2 weeks later and you're a pound heavier, even though you just had 'only' 300 calories extra, what happened?
One pound of fat = 3500 calories, everyday you stored those 300 extra, they accumulated, they added up, and they will take their revenge the next time you get on that scale, That small amount of 300 which equates to maybe 10 cookies has now added a pound to your weight, in fact it will add one pound every 12 days, and in a year that's around 30 pounds gained.

And don't think you can cheat this either, even if you only took 50 calories extra, in a year that's still close to 5 pounds.

Simple math people, the human body is not as hard to figure out as you think.

Losing weight therefore is a simple concept, calories in < calories out, that's all it is, you can diet or exercise but as long as you put in less calories then you use in a day, you will lose weight.

Figure out how much you need in a day, and how much you're getting and see if you can reduce that by 300 calories, in around a month you should lose 2 pounds, which while not much, should give you the idea on how to lose weight because people Do want to lose weight, its just they have been lied to or don't know how to.

Well now you know, and knowing is half the solution, good luck.