Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Naruto 544 Review

Hello everyone, here's my second review for the latest chapter of naruto, chapter 544.

We start off this week by going back to HQ where shikaku is having a hard time with the Zetsu problem, since Zetsu can can copy anyone's chakra he has slipped into the alliance bases and managed to wreak havoc, a problem that shikaku has yet to solve.

In this scene you can find the difference between Shikaku and Shikimaru, unlike Shiki who listens to everyone, his dad cut of Katsuya before she could tell him something important, I don't know if this is out of character or not but its odd to find a leader who dismisses a report before its even said to him.

Back to back brothers.

Scene shifts back to last week's group, where Bee's lariat has beaten Raikage, A is amazed by Bee's strength and we follow a discussion about how a jinchuriki's power comes not from their tailed beast, but from a hidden power inside them and how Naruto has two sources of power inside of him.

I find it interesting how all throughout the series, Naruto's parents were supposed to be kept a secret from everyone, even most Konoha people didn't know the 4th was his dad, yet apparently the hidden cloud knew who his parents were and that Akatsuki ( at least Madara) also knew, you'd think that either one of those two powers would have tried to capture Naruto when he was just a kid and nobody protected him, odd but lets move on....

What follows is basically a summary of what we know, 4th fought Madara, thought he was too powerful, nine-tails was freed, was sealed into Naruto along with his mother's chakra to help him tame him, Nothing new here.

I did enjoy A calling the 4th the savior of the world, it shows again just how well informed Raikage is, he seems to know everything there is to know about the 4th, it also seems that Jiraya never really knew who the child of prophecy really was during his life time, as he called Minato, Nagato and Naruto all children of prophecy, but Since Naruto is the only one still alive, Its clear now who the child of prophecy really is.

This whole chapter might be summed up in one word: Faith, something that was brought up in the pain arc when Tsunada said they should all have faith in Naruto and the next generation, here she says the same thing again, Naruto also asks for A to have faith in him as Naruto reminds him how much his parents have sacrificed for him as well as how he is the Savior of the world.
Aside from Faith, this chapter makes many callbacks to former events, It seems like everything in naruto is coming together, is this leading to a conclusion? I wonder...

Raikage ponders all that was said, from his brother and Tsunada defending Naruto to his fight with Minato, and comes to the conclusion that if Naruto can do what his father did, maybe he really is a savior just like him, and with that we make a callback to another event that happened many years before.

Naruto dodging his fastest attack convinces A to let him go, Naruto has finally convinced and perhaps changed A to believe in in, something that Naruto couldn't do before when they first met, where A told him he is weak and shouldn't have come to meet him, the situation is reversed here with A believing in Naruto's strength and letting him to go on ahead.

Back at HQ shikaku realises their only way to find fake Zetsu is to use Naruto who is not allowed to join the war, this time katsuya makes sure to inform him what happens.

Most interesting development

While he only makes one page of this chapter, Madara knows how to make things interesting, he has brought back the 6 paths of pain, but this time he isn't just using normal shinobi, oh no, Madara has brought back all the Jinchuriki they have captured, from the 2nd Tails to the 7th Tailed host, all these will make up Madara's paths of pain.
However its interesting to see that unlike the original 6 paths, they don't have two Rinnegan, but their eyes are made of one Sharingan and one Rinnegan, this brings up a question about the six paths, are the bodies eye's replaced with those new eyes? or do their eyes somehow morph to match the user's eyes?
At first I thought it was the latter, but considering how many eyes Madara has in stock, its not impossible for it to be the former, I mean there could be other people with the Rinnegan, or does this sound like nonsense to you?


Decent chapter, it shifted the focus from B to Naruto nicely and showed the heart and soul of a jinchuriki as well as their powers, both of them managed to brawl with A and arguably both won and convinced him to let them help in the war.

I didn't feel these last 3 chapters have moved the story forward much, A spent pretty much the whole night talking and it felt as much when I read it, Still, its good to show how the war isn't just people fighting during the day, but strategy and techniques being thought out to be used the next day.

Madara's 6 Paths of pain will be interesting to watch, will they all be like the original 6 where everyone has only one ability? will they have the same powers as they did when they were alive? will they share vision and just how powerful is this Sharingan/Rinnegan combo? Its what I am looking forward to the most.

Well, till next time and hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did :D.