Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Naruto 545 review

Hello everyone, Naruto's latest chapter came out today and I'll be reviewing it as usual
Anyways, the chapter starts out with Madara musing over what kisama said in his last report before he died, that Naruto is now able to sense negative emotions, whats interesting is apparently so could the first hokages wife, as Madara didnt mention Kushina, it made me wonder if only certain people can use this ability with the Kyuubi ( implying Kushina just couldn't sense negative emotions) Or only people who can control the Nine-tails get this ability ( implying kushina never had the mastery of the nine-tails that naruto now has)

But moving on we get a glimpse of HQ, where Shikaku shows his faith in naruto again, faith he first showed back when Naruto convinced him to let him see Pein by himself and showing it again here when he states that they should just let Naruto go, Perhaps hoping he will end this war like he ended Pein's invasion.

Heading over to the medical camps we see the medic-nins examining Zetsu, Apparently the Zetsu that was killed at the 5 Kage summit was taken back ( to Konoha? that would be odd considering Danzo fled, but maybe which ever country that had him just released the body for the other countries to examine), The new Zetsu's are... Evolving perhaps? to be more like the first Hokage, the most important development there is that they can apparently use Mokuten, something we have yet to see but probably a foreshadowing of day 2 of the war.

I love this picture, its really quite amazing, with Madara in the middle, the sun shining behind him, signaling the start of day 2 of the way, with Madara personally gunning for the last two jinchuuriki.

His six paths are with him, a question was raised of just what are these 6 paths? will they be similar to Peins? and how do they move exactly?

I have a couple theories on why these paths don't have chakra rods like the original.

A)  Pein was always very far from his summons, unlike Madara, Pein would fight from miles away, and I think the chakra rods helped him focus his chakra on those long distances.

B)  Pein was hooked up to the Demonic statue, that must have taken its toll on him, I think perhaps Nagato was simply too weak to control all his paths without any assistence, and those Chakra rods amplified the Chakra he used to control the dead bodies, This makes sense when you remember how Nagato Stopped controlling all his other paths when he used Yahiko for his mass shinra tensei.

Back on course, Shikaku contacts Naruto and Bee, I dont like how these new abilities show up that just allow him to talk to them like that, seems way too convenient  for me but Anyways, he informs them first about the Zetsu's power before going into his real reason of contacting Naruto, to tell him to forget about talking to Madara and just bring him down, as Naruto is famous for Talking first and acting later, this is sound advice for him, but whats surprising is Naruto listens and says he wont go easy on Madara, Naruto is becoming more of a realist now and realizing some people cannot be changed ( Or maybe he just hates Madara for killing both his parents and corrupting his best friend)
We meet up with members of some division, I dont think any of them were shown before but one of them was Bee's old friend, Naruto sees them and stops to say Hi.

Informing Bee ( who he now calls uncle, which I find really cute) That all of them are enemies, Naruto charges forwards and We get to witness Naruto's new powers, he forms quite a few Rasengans to create a vaccum that apparently grabs all the Nearby Zetsu's, I think a picture would explain it best here.

Zetsu shows off a new ability as well, he can apparently fuse several bodies together to create a rather monstrous looking thing, but all that means nothing when Gamahiro is summoned, as in his first appearance Way way back during the Invasion of Konoha arc, he crushes something just be by summoned on top of it, thats a neat little call back to that event.

The chapter concludes with Naruto making several Shadow clones and going off to join each battle field and showing us that each clone still controls the nine-tails chakra, unlike before when the Kyuubi disrupted his shadow clones and caused them to disappear, this new chakra works with them, Perhaps we may never see Sage Naruto after this, as controlled Kyuubi chakra can both sense enemies and allow unlimited amount of shadow clones.


Awesome chapter with perhaps a bit too much talking, showing of the abilities of both Naruto and Zetsu, it reminded me of the times they almost fought, back when Itachi beat Sasuke and again when team 7 reunited and Zetsu appeared and challenged Naruto, now Naruto is the perfect foil to him, as he is able to turn his clones back to plants, a really cool idea which Kisi hinted to way back when the Kyuubi was mastered.

I don't really know much about art, but I thought that each page was beautifully done, Kishi doesn't ignore anything and I loved the little details he added here and there.

You can even see Bee in the bottom panel, wow!
I'm not one for Predictions I think most likely next week or very soon Naruto and Gaara will work together, thats really pretty much my only predictions but before I wrap this review up, I'll ask you guys a couple of questions.

1- How do you think Madara controls those bodies? Just pure chakra? or maybe those rods are hidden somewhere?

2- Will we ever see Sage Chakra again?

And that's a wrap, you can find reviews for older Naruto chapters on my blog, thanks for reading :D