Saturday, 18 June 2011


Greetings everyone, in this post I'll be discussing about cheating and why some people do it and some others don't  before I start though I'll show you what I don't mean by cheating.

Charles is quite a guy
Since I have very little knowledge on the whole dating thing, I cant offer any advice on that, since I've been single since....ever, so No, we wont be discussing affairs and unfaithful spouses, as interesting as it sounds, so if you're here for that you can just.... well please do stay I need the page views :P

Is this what you're here for?
So the type of cheating I meant is whether cheating in exams is wrong or right, of course the more "moral" people will say that cheating is wrong, but is it really?

Its not like people cheat for fun, Cheating has a huge risk attached to it, in School they make you stand outside for an hour or something, they made me balance a bucket on my head while I was out, the teachers were very fond of me back then. 
Ahh, this reminds me of school
Still beat being in class I guess, but in University the risk becomes huge if you're caught, you either fail the subject, get suspended for some time, or get expelled, And when you're spending 17k for a year, that's not something light to waste half a year or get kicked out, your whole investment is lost, and the people who cheat (probably) know this.

So if the Cheaters know how risky being caught is, why do they still cheat?
Because they don't have much else of a choice, If put between definitely failing and Possibly failing, most people would pick to Possibly fail.
I say most people cause we all know one idiot who'd go "duuuh, what are my choices again?"

I don't cheat myself, I'll go in the exam knowing the subject enough to pass and with a decent carry mark, other people might not be so lucky, either they got screwed in some assignment and have to pretty much ace the finals or they just don't get the subject, which leads to...

The bad part is when you're asked to help someone else, at which point you have to take a risk and gain nothing in return, or you tell them no and have them mad at you, Its a wonderful feeling.

I try to help as much as I can, yet I don't enjoy it, I can understand other people needing help but if i myself am unsure and I give them my answer and they fail, will they blame me? do that have a right to blame me? is that fair? they depended on other people ( You should always just depend on yourself) and lost because of it, does it justify their anger?

No it doesn't, but that wont matter when they get mad and blame you.

Their original answer before I helped.
Still, on the morality of whether Cheating is wrong or not I'd have to say it isn't, we don't know other people's situations, we don't know what they are going through or why they aren't prepared, What I know is that it seems more wrong to fail a semester and force your parents to pay more money for you, then to cheat when you have a chance, The feeling of failing is hard to swallow and it can depress people a lot and they forget to think clearly or even worse.

Get out of my blog horatio.
In the end finding out what is right or wrong is just a matter of perspective we all see things differently, before you judge other people remember that you're not in their situation and you don't know what they have been through.

Class dismissed.