Saturday, 25 June 2011

Perspective Part 1 People.

Howdy, it sure feels like I haven't written anything in a while, even thought I just didn't write for... one day.

Anyways I'm planning on writing a series of posts about perspective and how we see things and why different people can interpret the same thing in totally opposite ways.

Firstly I'm gonna start by saying that we are all different, yes its obvious but some people seem to think that we all grew up in the same environment or something and thats not true, we are all so different, separated by beliefs, gender, race, colour, background, country, society, there are so many factors that come into shaping us into who we are and those factors are why we are so unique.

yeah I know what I just said is something we all know
As I said, we are all different people and we react differently to everything, this is perspective, its the way we see things, the way we judge what is right and wrong, what helps us decide to do things or leave them alone ,our perspective in life makes us who we are.

In this post I want to talk about how we can all view the same person yet come to different conclusions about them, ask 10 people about the same person, and each one can you give a different response, starting from " nice guy" and ending with " Complete asshole" and each one of them will think they know that guy best.
So how can one person have so many conflicting opinions about them?
I think there are Two reasons, the first is that we act differently depending on who we are with, Are you the same person with your best friend as you are with your grandparents? Probably not, we changed based on who is around us and we treat others differently, you don't treat each stranger alike, some are treated better then others while some are mistrusted and kept at arms length, three people you have never met can say "Hi" to you and your response can be extremely different to each.

"Hello beautiful"
So that's the first point, that people themselves are very diverse and have many sides to them that they show to people. We should try to get to know more then one side before we judge them.

The other reason I believe we have different opinions of people is we tend to view others in our own way, whats cool for someone is arrogant for others, and whats nice to some may come of as being weak at the same time.
Cool or arrogant? 
In my university, I spend some of my time tutoring other people, they would have a problem in a subject and would ask me for help and usually I'd help them out, I mean why shouldn't I? 

Yet the other day one of my hostel-mates asked me " Why are you so weak ?" and I questioned him what he meant and he said " You spend all your time helping others, you're kinda like a doormat"
That's his opinion, that's what he thought, yet other people thought it was nice to help others, especially when you can make a difference between them passing or failing, if you aren't doing something for yourself, why not help others? at least that's how I think, some Interpret my actions as being right, others say I'm wrong.

We should all try to see things from other's perspective, we don't know people, we don't know what they have been through in life or where they are coming from, yet we instantly think they are wrong and we are right just cause their opinion opposes ours, we spend more time arguing with them and trying to prove them wrong then trying to understand why they think the way they do.

Its said that to understand someone, you need to walk a mile in their shoe, I think you just need to spend five minutes looking through their eyes.