Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Naruto 657 review

Although all of them seem to repent in the end.
Hello everyone and welcome to this week's late review for Naruto 657, I apologize for the delay this week but I have my final exams for university right now and that's taking up some of my time :/

Last week we saw Madara turn into a human and this caused quite a stir among a lot of forums where it seems the fans are divided about two things, did Madara get unlucky? and two does he gain any advantage from being human?

Firstly I personally think Madara was in huge trouble before he got lucky and managed to use Obito to free himself, he was bound by the wooden pillars and couldn't move or use ninjutsu which to me pretty much defines defeat as far as Naruto goes. Despite what others say that Madara was in full control of the situation.


"This is Madara's interaction after he's been hit with Naruto's OOdama FRS. He's fine and not only that, he doesn't give two shits about Hashirama who's right in front of him. Does that give you the sense of him being defeated? Come on, think with your head for a bit. His look is directed to Obito because he was waiting for his collapse to achieve his goal and rain hell on earth. 

The Dragon argument: sapping chakra actually couldn't do anything to him since he had infinite chakra, meaning the dragon could've sapped his chakra indefinitely.

Being immobile: he wasn't really immobile, he was just casually waiting for Obito. In the last page when he's revived, he destroyed Hashirama's restraining with ease. I doubt that the Rinne Tensei could make so much more change. He needed to be alive in order to use his "trump card". If he really was immobile, he would wipe that careless smirk of his face

Second part is somewhat obvious to me, Madara wants to be human so he can either eat the fruit of the tree or become the Jyuubi host, both of which grant him a power boost and yet I don't feel like either of them is much greater than simply staying as an ET zombie where you have unlimited Chakra and cannot be killed, I'd love to hear other people's arguments on those two points.

Anyways let's talk about this week.

The very first thing that happens to Madara after he gets revived is that his eyes get sealed and he has to fight blind, I don't think it's exactly explained why his eyes get sealed but if I had to guess I'd say it's because this isn't Madara's real body, this is a re-animated Edo Tensei that came back to life and the real body may have been some random no name shinobi and due to that it will take time for Madara's eyes to adjust to the body he's using. It's kind of like Orochimaru and how he switches bodies every 3 years.

No more than a second after Madara's eyes get sealed that Sasuke manages to land an Amaterasu on him, love how quick to move Sasuke is, while others sit around gaping at Madara's power or try to talk-no-jutsu Obito Sasuke doesn't care for any of those things, you see a threat and you eliminate it

However for some reason Madara is still able to absorb ninjutsu and that's a bit weird, if his Rinnengan has been sealed then how is he able to use Rinnengan abilities? Either way as usual when it comes to clothing damage Madara loses his shirt but his pants are remarkably fire-proof.

Madara brings up some rant from the past about Senju and Uchiha, what does interest me is when Madara says that his body modifications were from the partner of one of his men which we know to be untrue, Madara had already implanted Senju DNA into himself since before his death unless he means some other modification he received, we do know that Kabuto revived Madara stronger than his prime ( his own words ).

Hashirama has had a few black rods sticking out of him since last chapter, and I think that is what Madara used to immobilize him in this chapter, it seems to be some sort of sealing/summoning jutsu as those are the only 2 types of techniques so far that use blood and chakra.

Despite his handicap of fighting without eyes Madara is able to easily dispatch Naruto and Sai and chokes Hashirama who is unable to move due to the black rods (or so I assume). Thanks to Sasuke again though he is able to repel Madara and save Hashirama, that's twice in one chapter that Sasuke has impressed me in how fierce he is when he goes for the kill, although he also seems to harbor some hatred to Madara as we rarely see him this vocal when he fights.

Madara chooses to take a direct hit from Sasuke's sword, I am not sure exactly why he does that unless it's so that he can somehow feel Sasuke's Sharingan when he gets stabbed, either way he won't last long if he keeps blocking attacks with his body. Also while I love the art in the above panel they are a huge pain to crop as the image isn't a square but it slides upwards, meaning a part of it ( in this case the top left part) is just empty white space I can't use.

We get a scene switch to what looks like the last few moments of Obito's life, how this guy has survived this long I'll never understand but Obito is nothing if not unkillable, I mean this guy survived having half his body crushed, maybe it's his superpower to never die? I dunno but either way even after using Rinne Tensei he is still alive but just barely and Zetsu plans on using Obito to help Madara, does Zetsu remind anyone of the Symbiote from Spider-man in this chapter? the way he bonds to Obito and looks like a big pile of black goo?

I'm very interested in seeing Zetsu fight, he's the last remaining member of Akatsuki (since we can assume Obito has defected from that organization) and we've never seen him in a fight before.

Back to Madara we see him ask Sasuke to join his side but he refuses and Madara doesn't seem to sad about it, the Uchiha clan sure looks very close to extinction now with Obito dying soon and only Sasuke remaining. Madara uses some giant fire technique which roasts a ton of the Shino Alliance, why these guys have still hung around till now I have no idea, maybe they enjoy dying by the hundreds every time someone farts in their general direction.

After dispatching of all nearby Shinobi Madara sets his blind eyes on the Tailed Beasts and thus our chapter ends.


1- The moment I saw Zetsu posses Obito I got the feeling that it is very similar to part 1, when Kiba had his body invaded by Ukon and he was told " whatever happens to my body happens to you" So I am guessing Black Zetsu will overwhelm his opponents and they won't try to kill him because he will threaten them that any damage he receives Obito will as well, and then at some Point Obito will just stab himself to get rid of Black Zetsu and we'll all think of how heroic he is, the ultimate pawn who can't even control his own body.

2- This Bijuu hunt seems very promising, bit funny to see all the tailed beats just standing around doing nothing but how they will respond to Madara's attack is something to look forward to. Should Madara try to kill them then I think we can safely assume that he has no interested in being the Jyuubi Host.

I enjoyed this chapter quite a bit for the setup of the future, we have Madara facing of against the Tailed Beasts while Zetsu fights Obito's old team mates, this chapter mixed action and dialogue quite well and having an angry Sasuke finally come face to face with Madara has worked very nicely so far, I'll give this chapter a 4 out of 5 and gotta say we have been having pretty decent chapters the last couple of weeks since the break, hope this trend continues.


"and.... WOW another dead human just come back alive.... again."


"I have a good question? Why are they always resurrected/possessing other people/revived with the same clothes, always? Why can't they be like the terminator where he lands naked then looks for clothes? Fuck you madara and your heavy armor that you've taken with you everywhere!

And since Jiraya gave birth (not literally) to all these heroes, Minato/Nagato/Naruto/any-name-that-ends-with-an-O, why didn't anyone revive him back with that Rinne Tensei? I feel like he's always watching over like "Yay yay they're gonna revive me, afterall they think i'm all that.. oh fuck really? deidara? fuck you kishi"

-Hamza Al-Sadr