Sunday, 29 December 2013

Not everything ages well.

For a very long time I would read about Baldurs Gate 2 on many forums when people discuss things like Best RPG or best game from Bioware, it's quite an old game now but I every time I read about it it's all great reviews and everyone loves it so naturally I wanted to play it myself so I did....
And while I'm sure this game is loved by many and I don't mean to be rude or insult anyone's preference but playing the game for a couple of hours just felt so tiring compared to the games of today.

It's not the game's fault of course, at the time it was released BG2 was awarded role playing game of the year and it is definitely a huge step in advancing RPG's all over the world, at the time. It's the same thing as the first Age of Empires and Civilization, they were amazing at the time but compared to games now they lack a lot of accessibility and overall seem a lot simpler.

Of course games aren't just graphics but they do show just how far gaming has come from BG2 to Dragon Age.

It's more than games of course that have changed a lot recently, I watched Frozen recently (excellent movie) and it's all about how women can do anything and even the theme of true love in the movie focuses on two sisters, compare that to Sleeping Beauty released in 1959 in which the female lead literally spent half the movie sleeping and doing nothing and only lived thank's to prince charming, the idea of women being so passive was normal back then, outrageous these days.

So what about you guys? have you recently come across something that made you realize how times have changed? comment and let me know.