Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Naruto 658 review

Hey everyone and welcome to this week's review for Naruto, Lately we've been having some very good chapters over the last couple of weeks so I was actually excited for 658 to come out, let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

How many times have I said that the fodder sticking around is a bad idea? finally even they get it and it's nice to see them look at each other and go " uhh, I think we might be screwed if we stay here" and it's a good thing they go too as it gives a few other people a good chance to shine.

How epic is this panel by the way? 7 of the tailed beasts and Gaara in the middle floating among them, dude is just badass to be around them like that.

Madara just charges into them, no stealth no shinobi move nothing, I miss the days when being hit by a kunai was a scary thing since nowadays every character can choose whether they want to be hit by a projectile or not and Madara chooses to just tank the sand bullets fired by Shukaku which puncture a few holes in him, the sand that manages to penetrate his skin is then manipulated by Gaara which reminds me of Deidera's C3 technique, you know the one that caused him to explode and get his microscope mines into Sasuke? Nice to see Gaara using some moves from his first Akatsuki battle.

Yeap Deidera vs Gaara was a good fight, and thanks to this new technique Gaara is able to immobilise Madara long enough for every Bijuu to get a blow in, Madara is tossed around like a pinball between them and I can't help but think about how outmatched Madara seems right now compared to fighting 7 Bijuus, plus the way they toss Madara around reminds me of yet another Gaara fight.

I have no idea why I am enjoying putting so many gifs this review, anyways after receiving the beating of a lifetime Madara gets almost sealed by Gaara, I think it's the same technique they used for the 3rd Mizukage and they used it before on Madara as well. Of course it looks like it's gonna work if not for some super amazing technique that seems to defend the user from everything.

I do wish Kishi used square panels for those epic stuff, hard to crop when it's all slanted.

Anyways Madara breaks free with his Susanoo which seems a bit cheap, more so when you consider that Madara doesn't even have eyes so how is he able to use Sharingan techniques?

Madara says he will put the Bijuus on a leash, now I gotta wonder why he is on such a warpath against the Tailed beasts, is it because he wants to unite them so he can become the Jinchuriki of the Jyuubi?  or is it something else? Sasuke also seems to want to kill the Tailed beasts when he arrived to the fight and wanted to burn down the Gedo Mazou with all the Tailed beasts inside of it. Maybe the Uchiha know something about them that is going to be revealed soon.

Madara's situation doesn't improve when the last two Bijuus show up and Kurama orders them to attack with their tails, seems a bit silly to me when they can all just claw swipe the guy instead of turning around and swinging their tails at him,

But hey it works and Madara loses an arm from their combined attack, things seem bad for the former leader of the Uchiha until a white Zetsu shows up with an eye for him to use and a spare arm, well it's actually Zetsu's arm which Madara just cuts off and literally sticks it to himself, like his blood is glue or something. I don't like how quick and easy transplants are in Naruto, when Sasuke got Itachi's arm he was out of commission for a long time and had to adjust to it yet Madara just stuck an eye into his head and an arm, it makes a bit of sense when you remember that the eye is Madara's own eye ( Obito took one from Nagato and this is the other eye) and the arm is pure Hashirama DNA which Madara has in his body but still, a bit too easy to just stick to the body and use like that.


No new predictions this week really, even though the story moved forward I am not sure where it will go, I don't think Madara will be able to use all the Rinnengan abilities with just one eye, he'll need the other one from Obito to be able to fight fully and I predict that he will get it at some point.

Who else really enjoyed this chapter? we're 3 for 3 since the hiatus with good chapters and I am really happy with the quality so far that we're getting, not too thrilled with how Madara can just add eyes and arms to himself like he's made of Lego but apart from that this was another excellent chapter ( all chapters that focus on Madara seem to be great) so I'll give this a 4 out of 5 and I'm curious to see what happens next.