Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Naruto 659 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for Naruto 659, I am a bit surprised by the timing of this chapter since I expected it to come out later tomorrow but hey earlier is better right?

Last week's chapter ended with Madara getting one of his eyes back thanks to Zetsu and he immediately celebrates this reunion between eye and body by licking his blood and laughing manically which serves further proof of Madara's sanity.

Still there is a point to all that blood on Madara's body and it's not just for refreshment as Madara uses it to summon the Gedou Mazou. This does bring up something though, I thought you can only summon creatures you have a contract with so how exactly did Madara summon the fox in the past? and can someone have a contract with the Gedou Mazou anyways? thing seems quite insane.

How many things have been pulled out of Obito so far? 7 actual Bijuus, 2 extra Bijuus worth of chakra and now the Statue that was keeping him alive, not to mention his own life that he used to revive Madara, not that Kishi is done pulling things out of Obito yet.

Kakashi certainly is fast on the mark as he almost immediately kills the Gedou, almost though as it just costs the poor thing it's arm instead of it's life. And now Madara plans to use it to seal all the Bijuus so he can become the next Jinchuriki for the Jyuub- Hang on this all sounds familiar.

Wow so this storyline again? okay Kishi why not? we're stuck in the infinite Tsukiyomi now or something.

Nice how Naruto pieces all the clues together on how Madara is mortal again by remembering what he said and Obito's hand seals, I always enjoy smart serious Naruto but somehow he always reverts back to being a moron and that's the part I can't stand.

Back to Obito who oddly enough has the more interesting story this chapter than Madara does, he and Zetsu talk about eyes and Zetsu informs him that Madara already has Nagato's right eye and only needs the left one now from Obito, not that it makes much sense Why he would need both eyes since Madara is perfectly capable of using Susanoo without any eyes at all.

Good point Obito
I do like how Obito tells Zetsu to just kill him and take his eye after but Zetsu's counter point doesn't make much sense to me, if Zetsu is going to just burrow away into the ground the moment after he gets Obito's eye then why not kill him first? I doubt it will take that long to pull it out. If Zetsu can control Obito's body then why not just drag him all the way to Madara and do the extraction there? I don't know maybe I am misunderstanding the situation.

Without his other eye Madara goes for the Bijuus anyways and what's next is just pure comedy, Madara uses some jutsu with the Rinnengan and then proceeds to one hit knock-out every single tailed beast, it's really the exact opposite of what happened last chapter when Madara was the pinball, now the pinball fights back and it's mad. Not that this makes the sequence any less ridiculous.

So yeah Madara beats everyone up and then proceeds to send out the same chains Obito used about 60 chapters ago to drag them back into the Statue and he pays special attention to Bee and Naruto and that's pretty much it.

At this point making predictions on Naruto seems somewhat pointless as Kishi will just do whatever he feels like every week and it's quite hard to predict that but I'll take a shot.

1- Where is everyone? this is more of a complaint but I mean where is everyone? the Kages? Sasuke and his group? the ET Hokages? Might Gai? I mean we have 2 enemies on the battlefield, Madara and Obito and one of them isn't exactly mobile right now so you expect Madara to be surrounded by powerful Shinobi at all times and yet it's just him and the Tailed Beasts and this is the issue with this war arc, too many people are involved and yet we see none of them.

2- I don't think we'll see the Tailed beasts get locked in again, I think someone will do a high jump and cut all the chains and free them, my bet is on Sasuke but if Sasuke does it he might just free Naruto and not all the Bijuus.

3- Zetsu didn't mention anything about his body being linked to Obito so I still wonder if Obito will try a murder/suicide to get rid of him, I think it's his current best ending but we'll have to see.


Yeah this chapter was.... bad I suppose would be the way I'd describe it, the only part I enjoyed here was the conversation between Obito and Zetsu, I liked that a lot and thought it could have been expanded on a little, instead we mostly just got Madara and I dunno I got a bit sick of seeing him, Naruto 659 gets a 1.5 out of 5 from me.
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"Man even eyes are plug and play these days. Somebody please hook Naruto up with at least a pair of Sharingan..." 
- Akabeth

"Glaring eyes"
Dude has only one eye yo"

"also, what are all the other kage doing? did they start a knitting circle or something?"