Friday, 29 November 2013

Last Night Review

So I just finished watching this movie after spending a while trying to figure out what to watch for the night and thinking that it had a pretty decent trailer.

Last Night is a 2011 movie that stars Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington as a happily married couple who attend a dinner party and due to some unlikely chain of events end up in positions where they are each able to cheat on their partner.

Of course they can't exactly just cheat on each other alone so they each get paired off with an attractive person to fuel their temptation, in fact our married couple barely spend more than 10 minutes of the whole movie together, after a  having to attend a business trip Worthington spends most of his time with his colleague from work (Eva Mendes) and Knightley through sheer luck meets an old boyfriend portrayed by Guillaume Canet.

Arguably the more interesting couple in the movie.
After setting the basis of the story and pairing everyone up, the movie teases us back and forth by switching clips of the married couple as they inch closer and closer towards what seems to be an affair.

Truth to be told though it's hard to feel invested in any of the characters we're exposed to since nobody in the movie is in anyway likable, sure the actors all pull of their roles quite charismatically (some far more than others) in the end all of them are selfish, self-centered and shallow people who ignore everyone else's feeling but their own and just pursue what they want. Not only that but we never get any real reason as to Why everyone wants to have an affair so much as the movie tries to show us that the married couple is quite happy and doesn't really give either of them a reason to cheat on each other apart from providing them with that an option to cheat.

In truth the theme of the movie is more interesting than how it was performed, what is cheating? is it only cheating if it's sexual? what about emotional cheating? the movie constantly puts the characters in situations where anybody whose been in a relationship will go " yeah, that's not right, they shouldn't be doing that " and you have to applaud a movie that makes you think about what's going on. I may not give two hoots about the cast but the situations they put themselves in are fascinating to watch, although it makes cheating look too easy.

Thanks Bill.

Overall I'll say that this was a pretty decent movie, it runs at less than 90 minutes which feels adequate and the ending is open to interpretation telling the audience " well what do you think will happen now?". Thanks to a strong cast, some interesting themes and an open ending I'll give Last Night a 3 out of 5 and recommend you guys check it out if you're into movies about marriage difficulties or affairs, which kind of seems like an odd category of movies to enjoy now doesn't it?