Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Naruto 654 review

Hello readers and thank you for reading my review for Naruto 654.

Last week's chapter ended with pretty much the same image you're seeing above right now, well except for Obito's response, we had to wait a week to see that and we finally do in this chapter.

With the hand for friendship, love and peace extended to him, Obito takes a step forward to the light.... by trying to kill Naruto. Hard to understand completely what's going on here but Obito says that he is fine with all the choices he made in his life, no regrets and I can respect that, I don't see the point in having regrets because we can't change the past so why regret it? the choices we made led us to be who we are, although that isn't always a good thing.

Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity
Of course Narujesus isn't going to accept that, you'll have to try killing Naruto at least 15 times before he gives up trying to convert you to the Light, just ask Sasuke he knows all about this. Naruto knocks some sense into Obito by telling him to stop imagining what life would be like if he had made different choices, that was smart of him, if Obito is so happy with his life why does he keep fantasizing about a different path?

We then proceed to get one of the weirdest flashbacks we've ever had, seriously every time Obito thinks of his past it's like watching the Joker from the Dark Knight ask " Wanna know how I got these scars?" and give us a different story, same thing with Obito as we keep getting some new supposedly "heart warming" story about him and Rin.

Can't say I fully understood the story, Kid Obito is telling Pedo Obito that Dead Rin wouldn't even look at him right now if she is alive because right now Uchiha Obito isn't Uchiha Obito but he should be Uchiha Obito....  Seriously that's what the page says.

" She won't look at you because you're not Obito so drop the facade because you're still Obito"

Some classic writing right here folks.
We get some male hand holding this chapter as well as Naruto telling Obito to " get his ass over here" so that's our Yaoi moment of the week.

The rest of the Shinobi alliance though is busy making sure they can pull the Tailed Beasts out of Obito, this includes the current 5 kages which means that right now the only one keeping Madara busy is Hashirama, it also means that we might get some big news about those two soon since we haven't seen them for around 5 chapters now, I do hope Kishi doesn't just have their fight end off-screen or something while all this is happening.

Pulling out a Bijuu = Fastest way to a Hernia.
Kishi gives us a couple of panels of the entire Alliance apparently suffering from a 5 day constipation or something, my personal favorites are Gai for his effort and Minato for being the only guy who looks normal in that group. Also absent from this Bijuu pulling are Orochimaru and Sasuke's group, I wonder if Kishi didn't show them or if they just didn't help, I know Sasuke is supporting Naruto right now but he also wanted to burn the Tailed Beasts earlier so I hope we find out what's going on with those guys soon.

The art in this chapter is pretty lackluster right until we get to the final 3 pages where it shoots up quite a bit, I do love this picture of all the tailed beasts together, we can criticize his story telling all we want but when it comes to art Kishi rarely disappoints, I expect we will see coloured versions of this panel soon because it's quite epic.

Now here's a question I gotta ask, what happened to the Gedo Mazo? we know that the tailed beasts were stored inside it and that the statue became the Jyuubi, so after removing all the Tailed beasts from Obito, what happens to the statue itself? is it still in Obito? also has the Jyuubi simply ceased to exist? I asked before what happens when Obito is defeated and the Jyuubi is released, is it simply gone now if it doesn't have the chakra of all the other beasts? this is another plot point I hope we learn more about in the future.

Obito clearly is no longer a Jinchuriki though as he loses all the tatoos and horns he had when he contained the Jyuubi, the chapter ends with a somewhat weird panel showing us another way we can fill the voids in our hearts.

Yeap, you can be happy with just your hands.

1- This chapter opens a lot of room for speculation in the future, the first thing we gotta ask is how will the Tailed beasts react to being freed? my guess is that they will have some sort of telepathic conversation like they did before and reach an agreement, I also think that Kurama will act as their leader from now on.

2- Will Obito die? he just had the Jyuubi forced out of him and we know that having a Tailed beast extracted from you will kill the host yet he seemed quite calm afterwards, I think Kishi might hand weave this away though and say that people with Senju DNA can survive extraction.

3- Sasuke and the Tailed beasts, I have a feeling there is a story there somewhere and I look forward to it.

4- Lastly, the only thing that stopped Madara from controlling Obito before was that he had the Jyuubi inside him, will Madara try to regain control of Obito now? I think not.

I rarely talk about the art in Naruto in my reviews but I'll try to bring it up more from now on, the art this chapter was mostly quite basic till the last few panels, in fact this whole chapter was saved by it's ending and if it wasn't for that it would have been a boring and uneventful chapter. So thanks to pulling out the Bijuu and making Obito a normal human again I give this chapter a 2 out of 5


"I feel like kishi is too much of a happy ending kinda guy. Its a shame to see obito's stupid facial expressions like he's innocent like "What.. omg.. you're.. kinda.. right.. i'm you... you're me...butt hurts"  

jesus what happened to the bad ass obito, people should die as villains... this guy annihilated half of konoha, and even before when he was tobi he managed all the serial killers, he can't be forgiven easy ease.  

madara should interrrupt this conversation by chopping obitos head off and taking over with his trump card, even if its sasuke being his lil bitch all this time. 

This is getting too typical.. twist anytime soon Narujesus please."

-Hamza Al-Sadr

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