Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Naruto 653 review.

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for Naruto 653 which was released quite early.

Firstly I'd like to apologize for the late review, I hadn't expected the chapter to come out today and I thought ( well hoped) it would come out tomorrow since today was quite a busy day for me.

Anyways after last week's  interesting ending where Naruto claims he will reveal the true Obito we get an entire chapter of Talk-No-Jutsu, when Naruto claimed that the Shinobi Alliance technique is the strongest technique in the world, he was lying. Talk-no-Jutsu is the technique that breaks every single villain so far.

The chapter starts with Obito stating he is now the second sage of the six paths, I've wondered what exactly does it take to be called that title? Nagato had the Rinnengan yet I don't think he called himself the Sage at any point, does it only count if you seal the Jyuubi? I wonder.

Anyone notice a trend among the villains in Naruto? at least the major ones almost always have some sort of parental issues, Sasori lost his parents to Konoha, Orochimaru's parents died early, Nagato and his group lost their parents in the war, Gaara's father tried to kill him and made him evil. I never realized before that we haven't ever seen Obito's parents before, it's like this giant part of his character now that I think about it, who are his parents? how did they die? why does he obsess over a 13 year old girl and completely forget that he has parents?

Naruto and Obito exchange some words about how alike they are, we've been through this before many times since Kakashi Gaiden when we saw how team Minato is a mirror to team 7 and it was interesting then but bringing it up 54 times makes it kind of lose it's impact. Kishi assumes we have some sort of short-term memory loss cause we get it by now, Obito = Naruto, thank you.

We all get it
Seriously it's not even implied or hinted at anymore, Kishi is just throwing it at us now so if you haven't noticed it by now then here it is, Obito is similar to Naruto, big revelation.

Now here's something I noticed this chapter, it's almost exactly the same as the time Narujesus met Nagato and talked about peace, seriously if you read it and go back a couple of hundred chapters to the invasion of Pain arc you'll find that this meeting is so similar and that most of what is being said is repeated. Nagato and Obito even seem very similar which makes sense when you remember that Minato said Tobi is manipulating Nagato into doing what he wants, Nagato wanted to nuke the world to scare them into peace, Obito wants to cast a dream world to do the same.

I liked the Nagato version more to be honest, it was original back then.
One thing I did very much enjoy this chapter which I haven't heard before is Narujesus telling Obito that we shouldn't learn to take the easy path in life, we should learn to endure the hardships that come from doing what's right. I loved that because we can take the easy road, anyone can do it but one day the only road left is the hard one and unless you've learned how to walk that one you won't be able to go forward.

Another cool thing is how Kishi brought up Obito using his willpower to control the Jyuubi, I thought that was very well done, it's a small touch to the chapter but it does add quite a lot.

If Rin were alive we wouldn't have any problems right now.
The chapter ends with Naruto asking Obito to come back to Konoha and accept his punishment, I can't really imagine what punishment would be sufficient for Obito considering all the atrocities he has committed in his life but hey if he does become a good guy I assume he'll be killed shortly after anyways so we might never know.


1- Will Obito turn over and become a good guy?

Unlike usual where I just state my thoughts on the future I'll try to ask you guys this time.

Personally I think Obito will become a good guy, simply by virtue of more than 50 chapters of everyone trying to convince him to stop being evil and become the Obito he used to be.

2- How would you feel if Obito becomes a good guy?

Despite the fact that I think Obito will turn good, I don't really think he should because how many major villains have changed their mind in the last minute? it's getting annoying to see them give up like this, no wonder the good guys always win, the bad guys don't even believe in themselves. Obito should die a villain because I am not sure what kind of message Kishi is sending when he shows us mass murderers being forgiven just for doing one good thing in their life.


The whole time I was reading this chapter I got a strong feeling that I was reading the Naruto vs Nagato talk version 2.0 except it simply wasn't as exciting the first time around. While this chapter had some decent moments like seeing Naruto talk about taking the hard paths and how Obito overcame the Jyuubi, overall this is a very sub-par chapter to me and I can only give it a 2 out of 5.

Here's the link to the chapter.