Friday, 11 October 2013

Korra "The Sting" Review.

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for Korra episode 6, titled The Sting.
Last week week I made some predictions for this season and I am glad to see some of them come true, but before going into that let's talk about this episode.

Did anyone notice how the intro didn't have Korra in it at all? it just focused on the other characters instead and I should have know that means we won't see Korra this episode but to be honest it's not like the episode suffered without her.

The other members of team Avatar are the focus of this episode with Mako and Asami focusing on finding whoever blew up the cultural site while Bolin and Varrick focus on his movie career. After a ship bombing which leads Mako to believing that a sting operation would work. ( hey that's where the episode title came from, I was wondering). After Bei Fong refused to help Mako, which I find odd cause you'd think she would he has to resort to asking outsiders for help. Oh and did you notice how fast Varrick agreed with the two mustache cops when they say it's the Northern Tribe who did it?

A tool and his instrument.
How much of an ass was Bolin this episode? he may be one of my favorite characters but only in as long as he acts like a normal human being instead of a massive instrument like he did in this episode. He refuses to help his brother which I kinda understand a little since Mako probably treated Bolin badly a few times, it's a brother thing and yet it shouldn't come between them in a time of emergency like this. Not only that but Mr Instrument also seems like a complete idiot with Ginger this week, overall not impressed by Bolin tonight.

Who did impress me though were the two stars of this episode, Mako and Asami were pretty badass here. After enlisting help from a gang since Bolin wouldn't help them, Mako first has to put up with being the butt of many jokes for breaking up with the Avatar, people can't believe he would leave her and I guess assume she would leave him instead, that must have hurt the poor guy although I wouldn't know since most people don't believe I can get a date to begin with.

Captain of the Rocky Bottom.
Of course after finding out that they have been duped and the whole purpose of the gang is to distract them, Mako and Asami leave the ship in spectacular fashion and realize the whole operation with the gang/mafia was to keep them away from Asami's warehouse so that it can be robbed. Personally I was surprised that it had so little security to begin with since the whole place seemed empty but undamaged, oh well.

Here's the thing with tv shows, put almost any two none blood related characters together and there is a chance they will get together.

So much for being not related.
So was anyone surprised by Asami and Mako kissing? personally I found it super ironic when Mako said " I won't give up on you" when last season he kind of...did give up on her to get with Korra, inspiring loyalty there though of course he is single now so nobody can say he's doing anything wrong and it was Asami who kissed him first.

Will they be together? hmm. But before we have time to explore this further we see Mako go to Bolin's theater asking to see Varrick, I am not sure why he wants to see Varrick to begin with since I would have preferred if he went there to talk to Bolin instead but either way he figures out that the "Pyrotechnics" use the same device as the triads use. While at first this makes a lot of sense you gotta remember that it's Varrick's ships that are being sunk by these very same explosives so not sure yet it's as clear as it seems right now.

The episode ends with a dazed Korra waking up somewhere and finding herself surrounded by 3 fire sages who recognize her but Korra can't figure out who she is or what happened, pretty cool ending for this episode I must say.

1- I feel like it's pretty obvious that Korra ended up on the same island Aang went to to meet Roku, anyone else think that's possible? unless the fire sages moved their location I suppose.

2- There has been a lot of talk this season about us seeing the very first Avatar and I think that's who Korra will meet on the island she is on, could be it's the island of the first Avatar.

3- Varrick. A bad guy? well it's definitely shown that he is way more complex than the clown show he puts up but does that make him a bad guy? he sold explosives to some people yet it's his ships that are being sunk and his business that suffers. Of course with the ominous music and the way he looks in the scene where Asama gives him controlling shares kinda strongly implies that he is a villain but can't rush to judgement yet, Personally he's my favorite villain in Korra so far as he is both funny and threatening.

4- Asami and Mako, I thought this season was going to be more Bolin/Asami but definitely doesn't seem that way and not sure why we are going down this road again since we've seen Mako with Asami before and it ended so why are we seeing it again? also not sure how this particular story will go at all. Would love to hear thoughts from you guys on this.
This episode reminds me a lot of the episode " Zuko Alone" from season 2 which just featured Zuko and no avatar, I loved that episode and I gotta say I loved this episode as well, perhaps not to the same degree but it was a very enjoyable episode that instead of featuring many side stories and plot lines just focused on Mako and his investigation, a refreshing change of pace and focused a lot on a guy who mostly seemed like Korra's yes man for the first 4 episodes. With a lot of character growth and some good action as well as finding out that Varrick is more evil than he seems, I give this episode a 5 out of 5 and have to say I enjoyed it thoroughly.