Sunday, 13 October 2013

Should we judge people?

The pot and the kettle.
I can't say I am quite happy with the title for this post although I feel it's the closest to what I want to talk about, it's still a bit vague on the topic itself. Still it's the best I could come up with so please bear with me.

How many times have we heard the usual sayings of " Don't judge a book by its cover" or " You can't judge people because you haven't lived their lives". You know the usual socially correct sayings everyone parrots to each other to show how moral and right they are.
I never really understood how some saying or piece of advice becomes common and accepted by everyone, for example why shouldn't we judge other people? why is it wrong to determine whether we think a person is good or bad? are we supposed to just think " Oh I shouldn't judge anyone, everyone is amazing". Because I am pretty sure the world isn't full of amazing people and judging people is a way for us to know who is and isn't good for us.

We should judge people to avoid running with the wrong crowd or making a mistake in our lives, knowing who to trust and who to avoid is a pretty vital skill, despite what Winnie the pooh and Barney the dinosaur say about how wrong it is to judge others. It's quite ironic how the older we get the less sense life lessons from TV shows become, things were so much simpler when we are young and see things in black and white " This bad, That good" and that's basically the only argument you need.

So Personally I believe it's fine to judge people, what harm am I doing them if I think some guy is rude or a jerk? if he is in fact these things then am I simply not allowed to think them? but while it's fine to judge people based on how they act, it's not fine to judge people for things they can't control.

Judging people for things they can't change now that's racism/sexism/something-ism whatever you want to call it, the important part is that it's wrong and nobody should do it. We're all born different and judging someone for having different parents than you is just idiotic. What we should look for is how they behave instead.

I like this video above for some reason, what happens is this genius gets mad at some woman driver because he wants to overtake her car and she blocks him. So he smartly decides to kick her car, the woman in an effort to prove her sanity to the world decides to run him over, damaging several other cars in the process while she attempts to kill the guy. Now can we judge those two for being crazy? I think so, I don't need to know their life history or walk a mile in their shoe to know that they are both lunatics basically.

The other thing that comes to mind when judging people is how often we can have extremely different opinions on the same person, some people would think someone is great and wonderful while others see them as Satan reincarnated.

So how do we judge if someone is genuinely nice or simply nice to some specific people? for me I always observe people I am not sure of and see how they treat everyone around them, the people they need and the people they don't. If some one is just nice to very certain people then it's usually because they want something from them, I mean every guy is nice to a pretty girl, does that make every guy nice? hmm.

In fact when it comes to relationships one of the best ways to determine if the person you are with is a decent guy or not is how they treat waiters, because they won't meet this waiter again in their life so they have no reason to pretend with them, if they are nice to the waiter then they are probably nice to everyone, but if they scream at the waiter then turn around and smile at you, well that says something about them doesn't it? Doesn't just have to be waiters of course, basically any public worker who they won't meet again.

So in the end I'll just say judge people but do it fairly, watch how people behave and what they do, even how they talk reveals a lot about a person. Have fun judging :D