Friday, 4 October 2013

Legend of Korra "Peacekeepers" review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my review on the 5th episode of Korra, called Peackeepers which is ironic cause most of the episode revolves around people doing things that lead to an even bigger conflict.

Last week's episode ended with what seemed to be Eska closing in on Bolin but for some reason apparently that chase ended and we don't even see what happens and I feel that is a bit of a loose end myself. We do see Eska with her father when he reminds us that the most important thing about the south isn't the throne but the portal gate.

When team Korra arrives back in Republic city everyone goes off to do their own thing and this leads to a lot of tension between characters, well mostly just Korra and Mako. To show us how diplomatic and neutral Korra is she decides to join in on a protest against the Northern tribe, showing us just how rash she is since she does this despite people advising her not to.

Of course whenever anyone says " peaceful protest" that means something bad will happen and sure enough some cultural southern place gets bombed and while Korra assumes it's the northern tribe it is instead a different group that Mako is investigating.

A summary of the Mako/Korra relationship.
After being rejected by the President of Republic city who was conveniently absent last season when his you know, city was being destroyed? Love how this guy shows up out of nowhere but he does serve as a foil to Korra while Tenzin is with his family, plus its way easier to introduce one new guy than to bring back the council and have Korra deal with 4 characters. The president's refusal to rush into the situation of course drives Korra angry ( then again what doesn't these days?) and when Mako tries to be objective she just lashes out on him...hmm wonder if we've seen that before this season?

I never thought I'd be on Mako's side but he's actually right a lot of times in his relationship, sure things are hard yet oddly enough its the firebender who keeps a cool head and Korra is the hothead in this couple.

Korra showing affection to both Mako and a poor table.
After a meeting with Varrick who I think may be the one who sent those bombers, Korra directly goes to Iroh to ask for his help and while he is willing to give it he's interrupted by the President who has been tipped off by Mako. Mako has quite a few big moves this episode doesn't he?

This episode has a bunch of other side stories which is something we are getting quite a lot every episode, I love it. Varrick is going to use Bolin as some sort of movie star which sounds like it can be quite an interesting arc though I don't think it will really play out.

Tenzin's family also get a bit of a story this episode, though it's really mostly Tenzin and his son Meelo as he teaches him how to train his lemur, its a cute story but mostly it's there just to take up some screen time and won't really amount to much.

Lastly after a massive blowout between Korra and Mako which is done very publicly ( always a sign of a mature relationship) Korra decides to head to the Fire nation to consult the Firelord, an irony if the Firelord helps the South Pole after they tried to invade the Northern tribe when Aang was Avatar.

Korra is attacked on her way to the Fire Nation by the emo-goth twins which is interrupted by a weird spirit monster that ends up swallowing Korra whole.

This episode has a lot of story which gives viewers plenty of room to speculate and here's what I think is likely to happen in the future.

1- Varrick is involved somehow in this war, more so than we have seen so far as it seems like he might have been the one who sent those bombers during the protest, the way he seems to egg this war on just seems shady to me.

2- Mako and Korra will get back together, probably Korra will be in trouble and he will save her, its always the person who does the dumping ( that sounds wrong somehow) who ends up doing the saving and since its Mako who left I am pretty sure he will rescue his former girlfriend somehow.

3- Next episode will include Korra in the spirit world, that's why she was swallowed by the weird monster.

4- Whether or not we will see the Fire Nation this season is doubtful but after going to the spirit world I assume Korra will go back to Tenzin to ask for his advice, we all know that eventually they will reconcile.


Not a lot of action this episode really  but it did have quite a bit of character development, especially for Mako who has been very bland this season until now and didn't do much apart from being the " Avatar's boyfriend" so it was good to see him in an interesting role for once. Sadly the Tenzin side story was mostly a waste of time in terms of plot due to that I'll give this episode a 3.5 out of 5 and say that it's just a mostly good episode.