Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Naruto 650 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this very early review for a big chapter for Naruto. While not huge in terms of story this chapter is huge as it marks the 650th chapter of Naruto, how impressive is that?

While last chapter wasn't much in terms of story, this week was quite a big improvement over what we had the last 3 weeks really, very glad all that build up led to something at last.

The chapter begins with a montage showing all the shinobi charging into Obito, which turns out to be quite weird cause we don't see any of these guys after this panel at all, so while it's a nice looking page it really doesn't amount to much ( yet) then again in every Shounen if you see a group attacking one thing, whether it's a person or some sort of monster, you can bet that it will be unhurt, god knows why.

What a battle cry.
I do enjoy what the Kages do this chapter a lot, Tobirama asks Minato to link his chakra to the Alliance as well so he can teleport people at will and this saves a bunch of fodder later on. Another interesting thing the Kages do is have Tsunade summon what is apparently 1/10 of the Katsuya body, now I wonder if until now they were summoning all of katsuya or if it's been a miniature version all this time but either way this thing is able to cover the battlefield enough to heal all the Shinobi there.

Still I think Hiruzen does the coolest thing of all by simply asking Orochimaru if he is going to watch or fight. Orochimaru fits the perfect definition of chaotic neutral to me as he cares for nothing and no one but himself and loves to see " windmills turn" but should Obito succeed that would mean the end of his dream ( which remember is to be the perfect being AKA god) so he joins the fight. Personally I still think he will posses someone by the end of the story, either Sasuke ( unlikely) or the Jyuubi ( possible but also far-fetched)

How did two random fodder reach the tree before anyone else?
Now to talk about the fight with Obito, firstly I like how it's almost time for the dream world to arrive, Not sure how accurate that will be but maybe 2-3 more chapters? either way it's the alliance's fault for needing 3 speeches to move their asses and fight. Secondly I am a bit bothered by how the fight with Obito is proceeding so far.

Now when Gamakachi used Senjutsu in his oil it basically melted his shield, yet here he is able to withstand two incredibly powerful sage techniques, how does that work exactly? I mean they finally found his weakness and suddenly it's not there anymore? did he use his Rinnengan to absorb the chakra? shouldn't he be suffering from something right now? Didn't Naruto land a sage Rasengan on him earlier? it's like Obito is completely invincible right now.

We go back to a scene of Kakashi in the other dimension and first I gotta wonder why he isn't just rejoining the fight, I love the guy but he is just sitting around and talking to himself this chapter while Obito continues to rage outside. Still his thoughts are even more foreshadowing to an Obito change of heart somehow, we have had a lot of those with how insistent Obito is on listening to Naruto and asking for his opinion so it just seems like this is more fuel for that idea, I don't think it should happen but it seems Kishi is pushing for that.

After losing their chakra and sage techniques due to some epic skydive by Obito, Naruto is asked again why he keeps fighting and he simply says because he never gives up. Now that sounds epic and all but also incredibly stubborn, why not say you don't give up becasue you fight for what's right? or to protect people? or something noble? saying " I don't give up because...I...dont...give up, dattebyo!" sounds kinda empty to me.

Anyways chapter ends with a really cool fusion of Susanoo and Kurama's chakra clock that will hopefully lead to some interesting power-ups for the lead duo.


Hmm let's make guesses for the future and see what happens.

1- I like this mixture of Kurama clock and Susanoo since we first saw something like this before with Madara when he controlled the Kyuubi, somehow I feel like we will see that as well and it will be even stronger than what Naruto and Sasuke are currently fusing.

2- Still have my doubts on Orochimaru because... he's orochimaru? Guy is unpredictable and always fascinating to watch.

3- I think we will see the 8 gates being unlocked soon, it's almost the end of the manga and it hasn't happened yet plus it just seems likely to me since Gai said he would do it when he and Kakashi fought the tailed beasts. I hope we see it.

I enjoyed this chapter quite a lot, good amount of action and story as well made for a very entertaining read, I do admit I am confused on why Sasuke and Naruto's attack on Jyuubito failed, it may have been because of the rinnengan but I would have liked it to be explained at least instead of making us guess how he did that, plus I want Kakashi back in the story. Still I enjoyed seeing the Kages plan what to do as well as the fusion of Kurama/Susanno and for that I give this chapter a 3.5 out of 5.
"I'd rather make a new memory and go forward. Not rethink old decisions or think about the past as much as possible. LOL you know I've always had this theory that Kishimoto has alzheimers and he thinks that the fans are on his level. "Gotta remind em all!!!" -Ash Kishem"  - Tim maloney.

"Itachi that sly dog... casting Mugen Izanami weeks before without anyone noticing it.
As expected from the greatest shinobi.
And I blamed Kishi for this poor repetitive writing." -syx.