Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Naruto 652 review.

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for Naruto 652, last week I asked which of the rookie 12 girls has been the most impressive this war and the results were Sakura ( 14 votes) Hinata ( 9 votes) Ino ( 8 votes) and lastly Tenten with 3 votes ( !!!).

Personally while I understand how Sakura got the most votes I don't think she is more impressive than Ino who took up her father's place as the main means of communication for the entire Alliance, Hinata also got more votes than I think she deserves just because people think she is cute and likes Naruto, Tenten did use the tool of the Sage to take out Kakuzu's heart so that was kind of impressive.

Anyways let's talk about this week's chapter, for anyone who thought that Obito got cut in half or something like that because of last week's ending is wrong, the flashy stuff that we saw at the end of last week isn't blood or some sort of special effect by Kishi but instead it is the chakra of the Tailed Beasts inside Obito responding to Naruto who tries to pull them out exactly like he did with Kurama way back when this Shinobi World war started.

Unfortunately you can only play this tug of war game if you have the chakra of the Tailed Beast inside you, and while Naruto does have 7 of their chakras he's missing out on the One tail and Eight tails as well, kinda surprising that the tailed beast that likes Naruto the most ( Eight tails) hasn't given him any chakra. Also a lot of people like me were bothered when we saw the One Tail inside Naruto way back in chapter 629 which Kishi later said was a mistake and shouldn't have drawn that.

Without the chakra of all the Tailed Beasts Obito can't make his tree bloom, still find it hard to believe all this happens within 15 minutes but it seems Naruto can't drain the whole thing by himself, so we get a small pep talk from Shikimaru, same one we've heard about twenty times so far.

well mostly it's Naruto's power that is changing the world.
Notice how it's Ino transferring his thoughts to the whole Alliance? chick is badass, secondly the best part of his speech is how short it is, though I don't think a simple command like " Pull" needs a lot of instructions. I'd be very disappointed if this is all the Fodder end up doing by the way.

Naruto gets a glimpse of the life Obito has led and sheds a tear for him, I found this to be very emphatic of him, just because someone has done horrible things in the past does not mean that their suffering is something we should ignore or undermine. Too often people joke about how Obito's a wuss because he was in the friendzone and went crazy but it's more than that, dude saw the girl he loves get killed by his best friend and that can't be something you just shrug off and " move on".

Obito's life if Naruto came inside him.
We go deeper into Obito's thoughts after the entire Alliance helps Naruto pull out his Tailed chakra and see how he wants to be Hokage and accepted by everyone, nothing really new here but it is from a new perspective since usually it's Kakashi who says this, this time though it's Obito's thoughts and it was good to see this, too often people start hating the things and people they cannot have in life but it's just burying how we feel about things, and with his life pretty much flashing before his eyes Obito is full of regret for the path he took, oh well.

Chapter ends with Naruto saying he will take off Obito's mask which he said he would do before back when he was Tobi so it's slightly less badass this time, still kind of an epic ending to this chapter and way better than the usual nuclear explosions we get.
1- Obito is gonna get talk-no-jutsued so hard we won't have much time to be surprised by his change of heart, though really it was obviously coming from a long time ago when we see Kakashi and Minato talk about how much he has changed and the goodness in him, I dunno is anyone surprised by this development?

2- Well most likely Madara will be the main villain, not exactly much of a prediction but I do wonder if he will be the next Jinchuriki of the Ten tails? Actually what will happen to the Jyuubi in the future? assuming it is unsealed then what? if they kill the Jyuubi it can simply come back to life and if they seal it into someone they might go crazy, thoughts people?

3- Doesn't seem like we will have a dream world arc now does it? :/

This is a tough chapter to rate because while not much happens apart from the world's biggest tug-of-war match it still felt like a good chapter, weird since I just can't put my finger on why I liked this chapter this much, was it seeing Obito regret his life? or everyone working together to pull the Tailed chakra? the art was awesome as usual so I am not sure why I am giving this chapter a 3.5 out of 5 except because it just felt...good.
"Lol, I just realized something pretty hilarious.

When Sasuke coats the Kyuubi in Susanoo armor, he states this is what Madara did once in the past. The only way he'd really know that is if Hashirama literally told him step by step what happened during their fight back during that flashback. And I think that's pretty funny.

Hashirama: "And then, he spit Bijuudama on the end of his swords! WHOOOOSH!!!! And he was throwing them at me! Pyerrrrn, pyerrrn! And after that, I made a giant thousand-handed wooden statue MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDADA!!"

Sasuke: O_O

hashirama: "And then it made a HUGE explosion and there was a giant crater! BABABABABA BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!! But then I pulled a rope-a-dope and shanked his ass! Wa-SHING!!"

Sasuke: "So... Kyuubi covered in Susanoo. Huh."    -ninjabot

"Finally we know the true reason why Kishimoto sacrificed Neji. Because there wouldn't be a free tail for him "   -joneleth