Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Naruto 651 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for Naruto 651, after several weeks of mostly buildup this chapter came to a big climax but before that lets start from the beginning.

The Susanoo/Kyuubi mixture which we saw all the way from Hashirama's flashback shows up, from last chapter I thought it would be some sort of half/half thing where we get some sort of Two-face like fusion but no it's very similar to what Madara did with the Nine-tails in the past, Sasuke even points this out and I can't help but wonder if that means Sasuke is gonna walk down the same road as Madara since he is uxing the exact same technique as he did in the past and knows it as well.

I hear a lot of comments on how Kakashi is taking his sweet time to go back to the Alliance and someone mentioned how he knows the fight isn't over because he shares vision with Obito, can't say that makes too much sense to me because they haven't shared vision since Rin died right? But I am thinking it's like Harry Potter's scar which allows them to share vision and emotion when one of them is feeling particularly emotional towards something.

You never really think of Harry potter when you read Naruto do you? feels weird. I also don't get the whole " Filling each other's holes" thing that Naruto is always talking about, Naruto wants to fill Sasuke's hole and Obito wants his holes filled, sure they mean hearts but it sounds so wrong somehow.
Moving on though Obito summons this gigantic sword and shield to use against this new fusion of Kyuubi and Susanoo, I personally find it a bit overkill to have something that massive but this is Naruto 4.0 where the person with the biggest Pokemon is the strongest fighter in the series.

The sword Obito is using the same sword the Sage of 6 Paths used to create the world, I find this a very odd thing to say since the world existed before the Sage came along and all he did was create Ninjutsu, you gotta ask how high Obito is right now but let's not go down that road and find out.

Incredible art I must say.
Naruto somehow manages to give his friends even greater amounts of chakra, to the point where they have the same cloak he does and all of them use a Rasengan to destroy Obito's shield, I personally liked seeing Lee doubt himself a little when they attacked since at this point all of Naruto's friends seem kind of the same, none of them has had a moment to shine in the last 300 chapters so it's nice for a little characterization like reminding us how Lee can't use ninjutsu was added to the scene, small but nice touch Kishi.

The combination of all 9 rasengans manages to destroy the shield, at first I thought it was 10 of them since Sakura is one of the panels but she's just back with Tsunade healing, this arc really hasn't helped Sakura much in my opinion, especially compared to Ino who really stood out among the female cast in my opinion when she shares intel with the whole Alliance the way she does. Hell Shino and Tenten are attacking Obito and Sakura isn't.

Even if you don't want to be Hokage, you also want to be Hokage.
We get a few pages of Obito imagining how his life would have been different if he had returned to Konoha after Rin died, it's kinda interesting but I feel like we have been through this before when Obito was dying the first time and Madara forced him to try and revive him so it's kind of old. Still quite interesting to see how Obito would have liked life to be had he not gone, you know...crazy.

The chapter ends with Naruto and Sasuke's attack going through Obito, it kind of looks like they may have damaged him a lot but again it wouldn't be the first time they landed a solid hit only for it to be shrugged off so hopefully next chapter will shed some light into Obito's situation.
1- You gotta wonder where the 5 Kages are, at first I thought they would cut up the tree or something but considering how they clearly aren't involved with the Obito fight ( since Naruto's friends are there and the 5 Kages aren't) I predict a rematch between the 5 Kages and Madara.

2- Obito probably still has like 5 chapters of life left in him even if he is dying somehow, doesn't matter how badly wounded he is, he's Obito he can't just die without Kishi trying to get us to feel sorry for him.

3- A dream world arc has been discussed a lot and we are very close to finding out if it's possible or not since it's almost time for the eye of the moon plan, my bet is that as Obito is just like 2 seconds from dying, he activates the Infinite Tsukiyomi and we get a dream world arc.
I enjoyed the action in this chapter even though it came with a certain sense that this will all be reset, can't help feeling that way because of how slow the Manga has moved recently, still at least it does feel like progress and I dunno, this chapter just felt better than usual somehow and because of that I'll give it a 3 out of 5 and hope to read your comments on what you thought of it.
" I won't give up " ... this is the answer of main hero for everything ... and kishi wants readers to sympathy with him while giving him more chakra in less than ten seconds ... if other characters have so much chakra , they wouldn't give up as well .... " -shafagh