Friday, 1 November 2013

Korra "The Guide" Review.

Hello everyone and welcome to Korra episode 9 review, it's been 2 weeks since we had an episode of Korra but I didn't mind so much since the double episode special we got was so amazing that the wait feels somewhat justified.

I knew that a new studio would be animating the episodes from now on and it's quite noticeable how the animation has changed, personally I like it since it makes the show a bit more of an Anime than a cartoon, what did you guys think?

I missed seeing Tenzin's family and I'm glad they get such a focus this episode especially Jinora and Tenzin himself, we see the Airbending family try their best to get Korra into the spirit world but Tenzin is too stubborn to admit that he can't do it and worries about Jinora too much to let her, it's a fun father moment for us to see him like that, especially since we already saw Tenzin have a side story with his other children but this one was a lot more important. Especially since the title of the episode is a direct reference to Jinora.

Learning you can't do something is hard and Tenzin doesn't take it well this episode, especially since Aang always wanted Tenzin to go to the spirit world as well. It's like Bumi said " welcome to the I disappoint dad club", still Tenzin learns to accept his limitations and I think that makes him pretty awesome, we can't always beat our selves up because something didn't go our way, accepting our limits isn't the same as giving up, it's admitting that maybe someone else is more suited for something than we are.

There are two other stories this episode, the first one I'll talk about is Unalog and his attempts to open the Northern portal. I don't know if Unalog has gotten more evil or if he was always this bad but seeing him first berate his children for failing to capture the Korra then procced to ignore his son when he got injured really painted him in an evil light, in some ways this was a strong comparison to Tenzin who did his best to protect Jinora from the spirit world, while Unalog did his best to open the spirit portal without caring what sacrifice his children have to make.

Anyone else suspected that Vaatu is working with Unalog? I do wonder though why Unalog would want to free this evil spirit, he has spent a lot of time doing his best to fight dark spirits and now he wants to free the darkest one of all? I can't seem to figure out yet why he would want to free him.

The third story this episode ( man Korra really likes to juggle multiple story arcs this season doesn't it?) is quite Mako centered on his quest to bring down Varrick, I found this story to be the least interesting for me this episode but despite that it did move along nicely, Varrick manages to subtly threaten Mako who doesn't seem to quite understand that when a bad guy says " I don't want anything bad to happen to the people you love" means " I'll be the one who hurts them".

Still an awesome guy.
Despite being a bad guy I can't bring myself to dislike Varrick, he's hilarious and even the way he greets Mako this episode is awesome.

Of course the other thing with Mako is that he and Asami are getting back together, only for the writers to first make him neglect her a little and then having the cops show up and take her boyfriend away after accusing him of using her, wow has Asami had one good moment that wasn't ruined since we've seen her? Nothing ever goes right for that girl, dad in prison, company going bankrupt then being owned by an evil businessman, boyfriend dumps you, then goes to jail the moment you get back together.... who says the rich don't suffer?

1- I feel pretty sure that Vaatu will posses Unalog and use him as a sort of Anti-Avatar spirit, they have been working together for some time it seems and clearly Unalog must be getting something out of this deal or why would he be helping Vaatu anyways?

2- Anyone else feel like we'll be seeing Koh the face stealer soon? he mentioned that he will meet the Avatar again and we never saw him meet Aang a second time so I think Korra will see him soon, or at least I hope so.

3- I hope Lin uses her bending to find out if Mako is lying or not, either way I don't think anything worse than Varrick going to jail will happen, I love that we have a villain who just cares about money and not ruiling the world.

A very solid episode and definitely enjoyable, yet the focus on 3 episodes made the episode feel a bit thin somehow, like we didn't get enough of anything this time. Wan's story was 45 minutes of just his life so going from a single story episodes into this is a bit disappointing, still a very solid episode and I'll give it a 3 out of 5. What did you guys this of The Guide?