Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Naruto 655 review

Brief summary of last week's chapter
Hello everyone and welcome to Naruto 655 review, before I start with this week's review I'm gonna recommend Dark Souls to anybody who is reading this review and loves really hard games, I've just started playing it and it's incredibly fun.

Anyways after last week's  chapter where we saw the Tailed Beasts dragged out I expected us to get some sort of conversation between them or something like that, but instead Sasuke just charges ahead, at first I thought he's going for one of the Bijuus but instead he aims for Obito, while I would have never imagined Sasuke being the one to kill Tobi it seems like it would happen, and I love the no bullshit approach Sasuke uses, someone is hurt? kill them, don't give them a therapy session about their feelings and butthurts.

Naruto fans on the right, Kishi on the left
But if like me you got hyped to see Obito die well you'll have to wait a bit longer, because Kakashi shows up from the other realm, Kamui even looks the same as when Tobi used it before, so now we know Kakashi can freely go through both realms even without Kurama's chakra. Still whether it's Kakashi or Sasuke the important part is someone is about to kill Obito, and even Kakashi looks like he's about to do it but nope, Minato shows up.

Normally it's awesome to see the Fourth in action but I don't understand why they don't just kill Obito already, during the Shinobi war that Minato was a part of he killed battalions of soldiers without hesitation and I don't remember him hesitating. Here we get a man that started an entire war to end the world and Minato decides that they need to talk.

I liked seeing a bit of the old team this chapter, first when Minato lectures Kakashi and makes him look like he's a kid and again when Naruto tells Sasuke that they should get a move on and fight Madara, that was just really cool stuff there. I also enjoyed learning that Kushina was the one who invented Talk-No-Jutsu, finally something Tobirama doesn't have copyrights for.

Yaoi moment of the chapter for those hoping for more Hashirama X Madara sorry, we don't get that but we do get Kakashi straddling Obito and just sitting there for the whole chapter while everyone gushes about more about Rin.

This angle does NOT make this less homo-erotic
Kakashi has had a hard life, remember when he told Sasuke all the way back in part when that everyone he cared about is dead? it hits home here when he mentions how he lost his entire team in a very short period of time, but he didn't succumb to the pain or use it to make himself a villain, he rose above it and tried to make sure nobody else goes through what he did. Even when they praise Naruto all I can think of is that Kakashi is awesome.

Speaking of Naruto he lends more of his chakra to the Alliance and starts to make some gigantic Rasengan to bring down the tree, I'm interested to see what the other Bijuu will do now that they are free, most likely help him but we didn't see them much this chapter. We do however get a pretty interesting cliffhanger.

Does this page look familiar?

It's chapter 574.

The light at the top is Naruto's Rasengan I imagine, I guess this is to sumbolize how Naruto is everyone's sunshine, day or night. Not bad actually, this one took me a few minutes to understand but it does make a lot of sense in the end.

1- Obito is gonna be a good guy somehow, dying or living doesn't really matter since I don't believe anyone has had this much talk from so many characters, Narujesus, Minato and Kakashi all told Obito to stop being a pedophile and get on with his life and it seems like he will

2- Manga is apparently on hiatus for 6 weeks, we will continue starting next year, I believe this is due to Kishi needing time to get his thoughts together on the future of the series, or maybe he just wants a vacation, either way I think this is a good thing since when he comes back I think Naruto will be a lot better than what we had this year.


Better than last week's chapter that's for sure, even though it's mostly just talk as well, at least it came from Minato and Kakashi and those two always provide good dialogue, it's not the usual " I'll never give up, that's my way of the ninja" that we've seen too much of, but people actually saying they know what Obito went through, plus we get an interesting cliffhanger so I'm giving this chapter a 3 out of 5.