Friday, 15 November 2013

Korra " Night of a thousand stars" and "Harmonic Convergence" review

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's review for Korra's double episode. Oh wait it's a 4 episode special infact, due to the Korra creators issueing a challenge for fans to reblog a post 10,000 times within 12 hours, fans of the show managed to do that in just 2 hours, go us!. Although thew last two episodes won't come out till later, still better than waiting a week.

last week's ending got glossed over pretty quickly, I expected a lot of Tenzin this episode but oddly enough most of episode 11 focused on Bolin.

We haven't seen that guy for a while now, we had an episode that focused on Mako and Asami, then we had Wan for a special double, then Korra so it has been a while for Poor Bolin. I always liked this guy but a lot of times when he gets any attention he is just turned into this idiotic comic relief who is kinda funny but really acts like an idiot most of the time.

Not this time though, Bolin shows a lot of maturity here, first he visits his brother in jail and while it's mostly just humour he does mention how he wishes he was at the premiere of his "mover". He also shows a lot of remorse over the break up of Team Avatar and can't celebrate with everyone gone. It's a surprising amount of depth from a guy who usually just acts as comic-relief and I love that, he may act like a clown but dude has feelings.

Not only does he have feelings but he's a total badass when he takes on and pretty much obliterates 4 waterbenders sent by Varrick to try and get Republic city to engage in the civil war.

Speaking of Varrick I felt like the resolution of his story was really brief, maybe it's because I find him way more fascinating than Unalog but I would have liked it if his downfall was more detailed.

I kept wondering how the show will tackle the current love triangle with Mako and it did so quite cleverly by having Korra forget all about their break up and asking Mako if they were okay, this was one of the most awkward moments we've ever had with Asami right there when Mako tells Korra that hey they're fine, no big deal, yet more heart break for Asami, honestly nobody will blame her if she turns evil now but she's too awesome for that. Still gotta suck to be ditched twice by the same guy for the same girl.

Lastly this episode has one of the best Waterbender vs Waterbender fights ever and that's hard to beat considering the previous fights we had ( Katara vs Pakko, Katara vs Hama), personally I enjoyed this fight the most because of the added emotions between the two brothers, Avatar has a lot of sibling dynamics in the show and aside from maybe Iroh and Ozai the two Waterbending chiefs are perhaps the most antagonistic towards each other and that made for an incredible ending.

Harmonic Convergence

Wow this was quite an episode and really pumps up the finale for all Korra fans.

I was wrong when I said that the show has resolved the love triangle with Mako, as he still seems to want to be with Asami but hasn't told Korra yet that they are over.

Honestly the best part of this triangle so far has been Bolin giving advice to Mako on how to handle his girl problems.

But that's not the point of the episode, we see the effect this war has had on the South with a ton of soldiers injured and unable to fight, with no army from republic city nor a resistence to help them, Team Avatar has no back up for this mission but themselves. Although they do have a good plan of dropping in from the air and taking them by surprise, it's mostly Asami's plan but she got it thanks to someone talking about flying Hog Monkeys.

Guess who was surprised in the end?
Well it was a crazy plan to begin with and while Team Avatar does their best they fail in their mission and get captured, still all is not lost as the smartest, bravest and strongest member of their team manages to evade capture.

Bumi so badass he can tame any spirit.
While it's mostly a silly sequence of events it is nice to see Bumi take out the whole enemy side with nothing more than a flute and a ton of luck. With the enemy defeated and Team Avatar freed nothing stops them from charging into the spirit world to stop Harmonic Convergence.

While Tenzin and his family rush to find Jinora the rest of Team Avatar ( minus Asami) try to stop the portal from opening, sadly while the bending brothers manage to distract Unalog long enough for Korra to almost close the portal she simply doesn't have enough time and Vaatu is freed.

Unalog sure has gotten more crazy since we first saw him, where he was this calm and collected spiritual guy, even when he acted evil he still had this aura of being spiritual, now he's just crazy and even his children have their doubts on whether they are on the right side or not. My best is that they will fight against their father in the coming episodes. Also the idea of him being the Dark Avatar has been predicted by a lot of people so I'm glad we're seeing it happen.

I don't know what more anyone can ask out of the last two episodes, they were just incredible and a way better lead in than we had in season 1. The stakes feel so high and I am really excited for the final 2 episodes, although I do wish we had more Varrick since I just like that guy so much more than Unalog as a villain, still he went out being awesome like he always was. These two episodes of korra get a 4.5 out of 5 and I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.