Friday, 8 November 2013

Korra "A New Spiritual Age" review

Hey Korra fans, welcome to the tenth episode of this season, I'm quite surprised we're almost done with this season since we only have 4 episodes left and it seems like a lot of story is left to tell.

After last week's episode which had multiple story lines all sort of disconnected from each other, this  episode is very Spirit heavy and focuses on just the journey in the spirit world that Korra and Jinora are going through.

Anyone who thought Korra's vision of Wan's life would somehow make her more mature seems to be a bit wrong as within seconds of being in the Spirit world Korra tries to attack the natives with her bending, it was quite a disappointing sight since she seemed a bit more mature last episode only to revert to acting ( and being) a child this episode.

This episode is one of the most nostalgic of the show so far, sometimes Korra just shoehorns a reference back to the original legend of Aang yet this episode made the nostalgia very relevant since it's not just some joke but a big part of the story.

I never expected to see this guy again and my god was I happy to see him, we didn't get enough Iroh in season 3 of the original Avatar so this helped remedy that a little.

Iroh decided to go to the spirit world after finishing his business in the material world, too much of Iroh goes unexplained and I wish we have more time with him, we still don't know about his original journey into the spirit world and now we don't know exactly what happened to him.

so Iroh meets Korra and Jinora meets another fan-favorite, I expected us to see koh the face stealer but we get someone else entirely.

How did you guys feel about seeing Wan again? he was surprisingly funny this episode yet his real intent made me dislike him quite a bit.

Iroh teaches Korra a valuable lesson, over a tea party which is very suitable for this guy, Iroh tells her that her emotions make the world around her, kind of reminds me of a quote I read that says " Life is 10% what happens to me, 90% how I deal with it", Korra controls the spirit world with her feelings and I think it's this positive attitude that will be the one that can heal the spirits, but since Unalog can do it too it might just be like shooting lightning which requires complete control of one's emotion, not just positive energy. Young Korra is a lot like Toph so having her and Iroh sit around and share advice was yet even more nostalgia, dammit I think I'll be going back to season 2 of the original show now because this episode reminds me of how much I enjoyed that.

Unalog calling Tenzin a bad father came out so wrong considering how he let his children get hurt and didn't blink an eye over them last episode, I also thought that the story of Korra helping the baby spirit dragon was quite cute since we only spent one scene with baby Korra when she is first introduced, the baby dragon evolves into Moltres once it is reunited with it's family.

Okay so maybe they aren't that alike but kinda similar.

Unalog does point out something interesting this episode, if you enter the spirit world from the portals you can bend, but not if you enter it through meditation, while this was mentioned before I always thought that anyone could bend in the place where Vaatu is imprisoned yet what actually happens is that people who meditate send their souls into the spirit world while the portals actually send their real bodies in there so they can bend naturally.

Here's something I wonder about, so what if one portal is open? if both aren't then Vaatu can't leave can he? so why not just leave the situation as it is since nothing that bad happens with one portal open so might as well just do nothing till the Harmonic Convergence is over then try to close the South portal.

Korra manages to escape the spirit world but it costs her opening the north portal as well as having Jinora stuck back in the spirit world, heart breaking ending with Tenzin asking about what's wrong with his daughter.


1- Anyone else wonder what Unalog meant when he said that Jinora shouldn't believe everything she reads about Vaatu wanting to turn the world to darkness? pretty sure Vaatu is just playing Unalog but what if he isn't? does Vaatu have a different plan?

2- At first I was pretty sure only Unalog would be the Anti-Avatar yet with Jinora still stuck in the spirit world there's a good chance she will be the one who holds the spirit of Vaatu inside her.

Let me know what you guys think, seeing Iroh gives me hope that we will see the rest of the fire nation royal family from before, personally want to know what happens to Azula the most, considering the ending of the search part 3.


I definitely enjoy these single story episodes more than the ones that have multiple places and we switch story lines all the time, combine that with how awesome it was to see iroh again, opening the spirit portal and random Pokemon appearing here and I'll give this episode a 3.5 out of 5, hope you guys enjoyed it too.