Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Naruto 670 review

Hey everyone and hope you're having a good day, before I start this review I'd recommend Naruto Storm Generations to anyone who likes Naruto and/or fighting games in general, it's quite a fun game to play with friends and has a excellent (though not very deep) versus mode. Hope you enjoy it guys.
Last week I made a prediction that Naruto will wake up and meet either all the Bijuus or the sage of 6 paths and lo and behold immediately when the chapter started we are introduced to the old man. This was actually mentioned a couple of weeks ago in Shounen jump that Naruto would meet a mysterious figure from the past and it happened here.

First thing I gotta say about the sage is that he looks too familiar to the 3rd Hokage, I mean maybe it's just me and I'm seeing it that way or something but does anyone else find them to have too similar a design? yes Hiruzen lacks horns and a long beard but apart from that they look very alike. Plus they both shared the title of "God of Shinobi" so there's another similarity there.

Anyways the Sage introduces himself, his name is Hagoromo which is also the name of a Japanese play, of course Naruto doesn't recognise the name at all and who can blame him when Mr sage spends his whole time speaking frustratingly. Why say " I knew you'd act this way" when instead you can say " I partly predicted that you may have a similar reaction to the one you are displaying right now"

To get his identity across the Sage just shows Naruto his eyes but even that isn't enough due to his complex way of talking, personally felt like a bit of a slow pacing to have the sage keep changing his accent just so Naruto can understand him but hey maybe other people will enjoy it more than I did.

Anyways after establishing a way to communicate the Sage tells Naruto how he is already dead and he is the founder of Ninshuu, not Ninjutsu mind you but Ninshuu which he says was created to inspire hope. This story was first mentioned by Madara way back in chapter 646 and not much was added really, if I remember correctly chakra was originally used to help people connect with each other and themselves (forgot which chapter mentioned this, I'd appreciate anyone who can remind me) but later on it was weaponized and people started using it against each other.

Before we get any more info on Ninshuu though the Sage starts talking about his history which starts with a story about his mother who came to the land to eat the holy fruit and ended up ruling the land, it's all been mentioned before and I already wrote my thoughts on this story once.

While not saying they are twins, the Sage's mom does seem to have the same horns as the dead demon seal, huh... I see similarities everywhere today so why do you guys think? any potential link between them?

Did anyone else find it weird that the Sage had a brother? that poor dude must be the most overshadowed guy in the world, I mean how can he compete? can you imagine how hard it must be to get a girl if your brother is a god? " Well he created Ninshuu and the moon but you should see how well I can boil Ramen".

Lame jokes aside we finally learn the names of the original Senju and Uchiha ancestors, Indra for the elder and Ashura for the younger, I like how Kishi names his characters because it always has a meaning these brothers are no different, Indra who is the elder and superior brother means " Leader of gods" in Hindu while the younger Ashura means two things, either "Demon" in Hindu or "Friend" which is much more likely considering how the sage describes his second son.

Nothing on his own eh? flattering words by his dad.
 Comparing the two brothers Indra was powerful and could do everything by himself, I think because of that he got arrogant and believed he can change the world alone while Ashura was apparently quite pathetic and due to that relied on other people to survive, his reliance on people though must have taught him that only by working together can people achieve anything worthwhile. I actually like the younger son's story because it's something we can relate to, every time something bad happens and we suffer we learn to treat people better in the future and it's perhaps that mentality that caused the Sage to split the Jyuubi inside him into 9 parts and hope that love would change the world.

It seems that the bases of every conflict in Naruto is between brothers or two guys, I mean very rarely do we have someone who is just crazy (Hidan) or in love somehow (Obito), instead most of the story lines focus on guys having some sort of issue with another guy, Naruto hunted Sasuke who wanted to kill his brother, Danzo hated and admired Hiruzen, same as Madara felt towards Hashirama, Jiraya wanted to save Orochimaru and Kimimaro killed himself for Oro who was also worshipped by Kabuto. I dunno I'd like a story in Naruto that wasn't about massive man crushes, can we get one of those?

The Sage ends this chapter by mentioning how both brother's spirits are reincarnated in every generation, I am pretty sure Hashirama and Madara are a reincarnation of Ashura and Indra and the sage says that Naruto is the next incarnation but I do wonder who is the "current" Indra? it would probably boil down to either Sasuke or Orochimaru, the series has to have a Naruto vs Sasuke match which isn't just about those two now but will also represent the ideals of Ashura and Indra, Hashirama and Madara and even Jiraya and Orochimaru.

I don't think anything big will happen next chapter, just more story telling about the two sons and maybe the Sage will mention who is the current Indra and tell Naruto about it. 

Also the Sage mentioned entrusting something to Naruto and I'm sure it will be some form of chakra, either his own or something to do with the Bijuus, I don't imagine Naruto will get his eyes because the dude is dead and he can't give it to him physically.

This was a solid chapter I suppose, huge change of pace from last week where we focused on Gai laying the smack down on Madara, this time we just got some comic relief and a history lesson we've heard several times before so I'm not exactly shocked or surprised by anything in this chapter and think that honestly this was a bit of a waste of panels. I'd give Naruto 670 a 2 out of 5 and hope you guys enjoyed it more than I did.