Monday, 17 March 2014

" There will be no consequences"

I'm now halfway done with my training, it's been quite an experience so far yet not how I imagined it would be, I expected to go to work to learn about work but what I ended up learning about was people.

A lot of other trainees with me have no real interest in the field they are in (engineering) they may have been pressured to take it, have interests elsewhere or just got bored of it over time, either way they either hate the company we work for or the job they do but in the end it boils down to the same thing.

They don't want to be there.

And this feeling they have makes them try hard to find anyway to leave work early or not show up at all, if you're not being paid for your work and you are barely working anyways why even go? Sadly this is compulsory to graduate so everyday we have to sign in and sign out at appropriate times yet even that people find a way to get around by signing out early or asking their friends to do it for them.

I had an interesting experience when one of the senior engineers there told us that if we don't want to be at work, we can leave early and there will be "no consequences" which always makes me think...

It's a dream come true of course, the chance to get out of your personal hell and not have to worry, in fact we were told we can go and we wouldn't have to report for the next 2 weeks (while we work for his department) it's great news, almost too good to be true in fact.

So naturally we get good news, 2 weeks off if we want? awesome.... except nobody goes for it even though I know that they all want to, it's one of those "too good to be true" things where you know there is a catch there somewhere, it's just how it is. It's relatively the same thing as a woman saying she's fine when a man knows he's screwed up.

Makes you wonder, it's always those things that sound too good that make a person cautious, when I am told to stay at work till 4:30 I find any way to escape but if I am told to leave suddenly... I'd rather stay, Life sure is strange sometimes.