Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Naruto 667 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for the latest chapter of Naruto.

After 666 was anyone else very excited for this week's chapter? I actually spent time looking into spoilers and discussions for this chapter, I really am excited to see 8 tails Gai.

Anyways after 3 weeks of people arguing who the identity of Mr foot is we get that reveal very early in this chapter, was anyone surprised? I read how some thought it might be Jiraya, the Elder brother, the Sage himself, Itachi, Izuna (Madara's brother) and in the end it was the most obvious answer that most people predicted.

Meh predictable twist that Kishi tried too hard to complicate, it was quite obvious it would be Kabuto (what other major player is left in Naruto that isn't in the final battle?) and Karin saying she can't recognise his chakra was due to him absorbing so many people and changing his mind. The one thing that did bother me though about this reveal was Orochimaru saying that Kabuto still had some of his chakra inside him when I remember clearly that Oro absorbed all of his chakra from Kabuto when he was revived.

Anyone have some sort of explanation?

The trick of Kabuto escaping Izanami was also predictable, Itachi said Kabuto would be in an eternal loop as long as he kept trying the same thing, once he accepted himself he would break out of it, plus it hypes Itachi some more as he protects Sasuke even in his death. Twice.

Also it's interesting to see that Kabuto knew that Tobi = Obito, he must have known that Tobi was a fake the moment he could use Edo Tensei to bring back the real Madara but I wonder how he knew that it was Obito specifically? I'm not expecting an explanation but it's something to ponder about.

Lastly we see both Naruto and Sasuke being revived and I think this is the last power up for both of them, Naruto now has all the tailed beasts chakras inside him so he is going to be a sage with the perfect body, Sasuke meanwhile just got some Senju DNA courtesy of Kabuto which when combined with his Sharingan ought to awaken his Rinnengan soon so that's going to happen eventually.

I had forgotten that Gaara was with the group that was currently fighting Madara, he didn't do much after he brought Naruto, I also like Kakashi explaining how he managed to survive the Rasengan that he was hit by, it's a quick explanation "I used Kamui" but it makes sense and it's logical.

Discussing Judara the group discusses how only Senjutsu and physical attacks can hurt him, sadly the Fourth can't use Senjutsu very well as it really doesn't mesh well with his style, having to stand still and absorb chakra isn't a good combo with the fastest guy around, which explains why nobody knew Minato could use Senjutsu. With Minato unable to attack Judara directly that only leaves...

Immediately after opening the seven gates Judara notices that Gai is releasing blue steam (actually Gai's sweat) and comments on how he must use red steam if he was serious, blue steam is from the sweat evaporating so I am assuming that red steam would be the user's blood boiling off, I can't wait to see that.

Judara is right though as even with Gai's strongest attack so far it doesn't even wind Judara at all, after using Afternoon Tiger Gai immediately falls down and is unable to move while Judara attacks with his black ball thingy which misses thanks to Rock Lee arriving and saving his sensei. Also Minato throws one of his teleporting kunai's yet doesn't actually teleport to it does he? I hope someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's more of a trap for later.

The chapter ends with Gai vowing to use the full eight gates next, I would have liked it if this move was used earlier in the manga but I'm glad that it's being used against Judara of all people.


1- Naruto and Sasuke both power-up after their revival, Naruto thanks to hosting all the Tailed Beasts inside him and Sasuke by combining Senju and Uchiha chakra to unlock the Rinnengan. By combining the powers of the perfect body which Naruto and the sage's younger son had, with Sasuke's perfect eyes which the Sage's older son had, they will be able to defeat Madara who is basically the reincarnated sage and has both all the tailed beasts inside him and perfect eyes as well.

2- With the point above I see Madara regaining his second Rinnengan so that he will have 2 eyes against Sasuke's two eyes as well.

3- Red steam will come from Gai evaporating blood, pretty sure of that so far.

4- Noticed any pattern with Gai's finishing moves? 6 gates has Morning Peacock, 7 gates has Afternoon Tiger so I expect that 8 gates will be something like "Evening Turtle" or so, it will have to do with night time as Gai's finishing moves are more powerful based on the time they are named, morning, Afternoon and finally Evening/Night. Any guesses from you readers? it's going to be Late day period + animal, if I had to guess I'd go with Midnight Phoenix or Evening Dragon.

5- Kakashi will ask Gai not to use 8 gates but Gai will, we will get flashbacks.... many flashbacks.

I liked this chapter a lot, it had a good but predictable start with Kabuto reviving Sasuke but after that it took off and became much better, I love seeing Gai fight and knowing he is going to die soon just makes me hyped up to see him in his (probably) final fight of the series. Not much more to add to this chapter except to say it was really good and gets a 4.5 out of 5 from me, hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.