Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Naruto 671 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my slightly late review for chapter 671, even though I read it the moment it came out somehow life got in the way and this review is a bit later than usual.

Anyone else loving the coloured page of this chapter? really shows from the start who the identity of Indra is, which is something I talked about last week, I thought it could be either Sasuke or Madara who were Indra right now and kudos to whoever guessed that it's Sasuke who will turn out to be the current Indra, you guys nailed that one.

I was a bit surprised when the Hermit asked Naruto if he already knew he had Ashura in him and Naruto basically said that he was, it's a bit of inconsistency with how Naruto can figure these things out but last chapter he was basically an idiot, still I much prefer the pacing we got this chapter which makes sense since it's continuing the story rather than starting from the beginning like last week.

I also like how Naruto figured out who the current Indra is, you know Kishi's writing is predictable when even Naruto is figuring things out before anyone tells him, he also asks about the previous generation of brothers and in another predictable part of the story we're told that Hashirama and Madara were the past 2 brothers, saw it coming yet not sure how I feel about it since Hashirama and Madara were close friends who became enemies yet we aren't told of the original relationship between the Sage's sons though it's an interesting trend when the loser (Ashura, Hashirama, Naruto) is more powerful/liked than the genuis (Indra, Madara, Sasuke) it seems like jealousy is the main motivation for one brother to turn evil.

Of course Hashirama died and had Madara died as well we'd have a very different story yet what ended up happening was instead of Madara dying he simply "evolved" into being the sage, in the history of the rivalry between the brothers at no time did we have both brothers and someone resembling the Sage at the same time, yet Madara combining the powers of both Uchiha and Senju made him neither Indra nor Ashura but the Sage instead, it is this phenomenon that might get Naruto and Sasuke to work together and finally bring peace to the world.

Does the above imply that the Sage's mom became corrupted with power? hmm it's hard to tell but in all her images she does look quite scary doesn't she? I still hold that she seems to have some relation to the Dead summoning seal, also the Sage's words remind me of something that was said before that was very similar.

This speech of getting too powerful was said by Itachi to both Naruto and Sasuke, although at much different times in the manga.

Pain in the @ss to find the chapter for this image.
Kinda seems we're told not to do everything ourselves and to rely more on others, is that a positive message? I'm not sure although on the other hand you could say that Kishi is trying to tell people to help each other more which is a much better message.

The sage tells us more about his mother, she apparently had both the Sharingan and the Byakugan and I believe it's from her that the Sage's brother got the Byakugan and his children after him became the Hyuuga clan. We're also told that she used her abilites on people and overall I get the impression that the Sage's mom wasn't a completely good person.

Back in chapter 666 I predicted that the Bijuu Obito dragged out of Madara would be used to help Naruto and lo and behold, that actually happened in this chapter, notice how Kishi has arranged them based on number of tails although a bit ironic to see Kurama next to the One tails who hates him.

When the Sage asks Naruto what he intends to do now he says he will protect his friends and it's at this point that we get quite a big shocker this chapter because this whole time the Sage has also been talking to Sasuke who also answered his question on what he really wants to do, sadly we aren't told anything about Sasuke's answer but we have to assume it's decent enough for the Sage that he is willing to give Sasuke a power-up. It seems like that Sasuke got the Rinnengan because the Sage states that he gave Sasuke "my power" and I think Naruto just got complete control of the Bijuus instead. The last time we see Naruto and Sasuke in this chapter they are getting up back from the dead, speaking of the dead...

Gai's got Madara good and hurting but he seems to be still standing, next chapter we will see what I assume is Gai's final technique which is called Night Moth, figures that Evening elephant wasn't the last thing he would use since there is still a lot of time after the evening (Night, Midnight, Twilight)


1- Of course I expect next chapter to either show Gai's attack or to start it near the end, most likely we'll spend some panels on flashbacks, memories and maybe some characters talking about Gai.

2- Naruto gets control of the Bijuu while Sasuke gets the Rinnengan, since Ashura didn't have any special eyes it's safe to assume that Naruto will get a non-eye upgrade and that Sasuke will get the Rinnengan instead.


I liked this chapter a lot, it had a good sense of pace and didn't go on about stuff we heard before like in the previous chapter, we already knew the story of the Sage's sons from Tobi and reading it again just bored me but seeing the Bijuus reunited, the Sage giving the final power up to both Naruto and Sasuke and the anticipation of Gai's final attack made this a very enjoyable chapter which gets a 4 out of 5 from me.

"Newer generation will always surpass the previous one. They only need some Chakra, cells, and possible eyes of the previous generation."

"Don't forget he punched his dad upon meeting him, then got decked by his mom when he met her. It's a minor miracle he didnt throw a rasen shuriken at the SoSP"