Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Naruto 672 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for Naruto 672.

Last chapter I predicted that we'd start 672 with Gai's attack, have some flashbacks and someone will talk about Gai, not surprisingly all this happened so I'm quite happy.
Let's start from the beginning though, Gai is pretty damn close to death and Madara can see that due to the lack of what I think is chakra near Gai's heart, I remember in part 1 during the Neji vs Hinata fight when we were told that chakra is tied closely to a person's organs so it's no wonder that the 8th gate would use up the heart and turn it into chakra.

Naruto and Sasuke have finally woken up and they are both branded with marks from the two brothers, I tried to remember if those marks had been seen before and yeah they definitely have at least twice in the last couple of chapters.

I don't think the marks mean much right now actually, aside of course from representing to the world that Naruto and Sasuke are the Sage's sons reborn. I've seen this debate on a couple of forums with people saying Ashura represents the sun but the above image clearly shows him with a full moon at night so it seems that theory is wrong, also the Sage's staff represents his two sons, one is a full circle and the other is a crescent, same with Obito and Madara. Wanna guess which half of the Sage's staff Madara got?

As Gai uses Night Moth we get..... another flashback, this one is back to the academy entrance for Kakashi when he meets Gai for the first time, we don't get much of the flashback apart from Sakumo (Kakashi's father) telling him not to underestimate Gai and that one day Gai might be stronger than him. Personally for me the best part of the flashback was seeing how Sakumo looked when he was younger and picturing that Kakashi probably looks like that now.

When it comes to animals in fiction there are 3 animals used that represent a new life or ascension. the Phoenix is a legendary fire bird that is reborn each time it dies. We've seen that this arc haven't we?

The other animal that usually represents rebirth is the Butterfly, of course we already know Chouji takes that animal, it's been his motif the entire manga as a person who will grow up and become much stronger AKA Caterpillar into butterfly.

I've been thinking this week about the name of Gai's attack, Night Moth and it struck me as rather odd compared to the others that we've had so far, I also assumed Gai would only have 3 attacks but this fourth one came as a surprise.

What does a Moth symbolise anyways?

Just like butterflies Moth's also symbolise rebirth, they do differentiate a little in that a Moth is guided by moonlight at night since moths are attracted to the light, so do we know anyone in Naruto who represents the Moon and another character who represents a Moth?

 I hope the above message answers that question, however to be completely honest despite the rather hard to catch hints Kishi dropped about Gai surviving (Moon, Moth name) it's still a rather... annoying aspect of the manga if Gai lives, he did so much this war and gave Madara the hardest fight so far and I like that it cost him his life to do so, I know that he won't fight again for the rest of the manga ( assuming he survives ) but even so it's always been 8th gate = death and last minute somehow it just doesn't and you can survive it.

Yeah like the entire plot.
We've only seen these eyes twice before from Naruto, combining Sage and Kurama's chakra gave him enough power to resist Pain's control at close range, and again when he fought with Obito and only sage chakra could hurt him, it's also his last power-up in the manga. Also did you notice that we didn't see either of Naruto or Sasuke's face when they got revived? if Naruto has the Sage+Kurama eyes, what do you think Sasuke's eyes look like?


1- I hate to say it but Gai is probably gonna live, it sucks hard but yeap it looks like Gai is gonna survive this manga after all.

2- Sasuke has the Rinnengan, yeah repeated this bit of news a hundred times but why not say it once more? whoever thought Naruto will get it might be a bit disappointed with the reveal this chapter.


How do I feel about this chapter? hmmm I don't think I've ever been so conflicted before, one the one hand Gai surviving is definitely a good thing since he's an enjoyable character and seeing him alive once the war is over will be cool, however he also was going to have the greatest death scene in Naruto with Night Moth, he managed to almost destroy Madara and sacrificed his life to attempt that, it was a noble effort though ultimately futile and I like that, bringing him back to live cheapens his effort somehow doesn't it?

What next? will Neji be brought back to life? is Naruto Jesus now? it sure does seem that way and a war where nobody dies just doesn't feel at all suspenseful, I think (as sadistic as this sounds) I wanted Gai to die to give us some measure of fear for the coming chapters, if Gai can be brought back then who can't? so many readers expected a big bang finish from Gai and we got that... then we got Gai revived and I can't say I like it.

I'm going to read the manga chapter again, for now I'd love to hear your thoughts on 672 since I really can't give it a rating with how confused I feel. Leave a comment and let me know how you guys feel about Gai surviving as well as everything else about this chapter.