Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Naruto 673 review

So how about Game of Thrones this week eh? pretty cool episode wasn't it? I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

 Greetings everyone and welcome to this review for Naruto 673.

The first thing we see this chapter is Madara noticing that Gai's chakra isn't disappearing, he responds by trying to attack with the Black orb Naruto deflected back to him. Although Naruto did get a power up and managed to kick the Black orb away it does seem kind of odd that he can do that as these same Orbs are strong enough to completely destroy anything they touch, including Edo Tensei bodies.

Naruto is fast, fast enough to stop Madara's attack before it starts and immediately uses a Rasenshuriken to destroy Madara, this one is a bit different than usual though because it's also infused with the 4 tails's fire chakra.

A pretty epic attack although I was interested in Madara using a technique called "Limbo" it's been mentioned before when he Fought Obito and in this chapter Naruto says he dodges it, it looks like Pain's Shinra Tensei but I can't be sure if we saw the full technique or not.

I think Limbo is also some sort of absorbing technique like Kamui that transfers characters hit by it to another dimension.

Naruto didn't dodge it by himself though, something moved him and I'll bet it was one of the Bijuu's inside him, we can assume he has all of them now and that's his powerup since he asked Son for his power this chapter I think he can ask all the Bijuu's for their power at any time. Although it is a bit strange to think of 9 beings inhabiting Naruto's body like that.

Yeap, Naruto's housed quite a few characters inside his body by now, let's add a few more.

The new improved Rasenshuriken manages to take down the entire "Fruit" of the Jyuubi and with Madara lying pretty much defeated he hears the Tree calling to him, asking him to absorb it which is something a lot of readers predicted would happen eventually, they said Madara would need a power-up which at the time sounded crazy as he was beating every body easily, now Naruto comes back and finishes Madara off with 2 attacks after Gai has been pounding him like flour with his 8 gates.

Naruto brings back Gai to his friends and Lee immediately asks him if Gai will live and Naruto says he will be fine...... While it's nice to see Gai alive I feel like he "earned" a death after all he pulled to buy time against Madara, I said as much last week that I feel conflicted by Gai's continued existence and still don't like it much this chapter either.

A small scene switch shows us that Sasuke is able to remove the black rod that is crippling Tobirama, he then proceeds to use the Second to teleport himself to Madara.

So Madara does get a power-up which fully heals him of course and now it's time for another round, personally I am not a fan of power-ups much as I would have preffered if he outsmarted his enemies or something, Naruto has become something like this.

X is stronger than Z, so Z unlocks a powerup making him stronger than X, X then proceeds to power-up so he can defeat Z again, Z then gets a second power-up and it goes on and on. Madara first was an ET, then he revived himself as blind but with a strong body (1), then he got the Rinnengan in one eye (2), after that he sealed all the Bijuu inside him (3) and now finally Madara has absorbed the Fruit for his 4th power-up, and it's not even the last one possible as he is Still missing his second Rinnengan.

Obito and Sakura discuss their alliance in his dimension, where Sakura states that she considers Obito an ally now and he tells her she can still consider him an enemy, not sure what is the point of that but wouldn't it be fun for Obito to betray everyone and still aim for his own Moon Eye Plan?

When Naruto mentions the other half of his power (referring to the Sage) I wondered if it was anything to do with the Jyuubi, but barely 2 pages go by when we learn that it's Sasuke coming to help him.

Notice how Naruto's staff's don't have any shape at the end? they are straight black staff's (or staves? hmm english so hard). With Naruto emerging with the Sage's power Sasuke has awakened the Rinnengan himself, however his Rinnenga design is a bit different than any we've seen so far.

The common and most seen Rinnengan so far, awakened by Madara then used by Nagato till he died and after that one eye has been with Obito and one with Madara.

Sasuke's new eye resembles a combination of the Rinnengan and the Sharingan.

It's quite a design but we've actually seen it before on the Jyuubi itself when we are first introduced to it.

Props to the artist for this image.
Why Sasuke has a more unique eye design is probably due to inheriting his eye directly from the Sage himself, while Madara's Rinnengan is more a combination of his Sharingan + Hashirama's chakra which makes it less powerful I think.

Madara declares the final showdown, he has both Naruto and Sasuke's powers combined and wants to prove the strongest of them all and thus concludes the chapter.


It's hard to call this a setup chapter because quite a lot happened yet it still feels like a setup for the future, Madara is in his semi-ultimate form, Naruto and Sasuke have teamed up to bring him down, the rest of the shinobi alliance is still doing nothing, it's laying the ground work for the future.

1- I still believe Madara will get his second Rinnengan back somehow, that will be his final power-up since I am not sure he can beat the dynamic duo of Sasuke and Naruto.

2- Gai lives till the end of the manga, sure Naruto stated it but it also makes no story sense to kill him anymore I think.

3- Obito, Obito... still a somewhat conflicted character it seems though fundamentally a good guy for now, I think a part of him might still do something foolish just to get Rin back, it's pretty far-fetched though to suggest that.

4- Not yet the final fight of the manga, we still have Sasuke vs Naruto coming up and due to that I don't see Madara killing either of them, he might get someone else though, my money's on Gaara since he talked about " after the way" which makes him the most likely person to die in the war right now.

A very solid chapter that I quite enjoyed, while I am not a fan of all this constant power-ups that are being handed out in the Naruto world right now, this chapter introduced them quite well and mostly focused on the story and setting up all the pieces for the end, Tobirama is freed, Orochimaru and his team can assist Sasuke, Madara is ready for his final fight, everything has been set up and now it's time for people to take action and end the war.

Overall a good chapter and I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5, I like it but powerups annoy me and this has been the longest arc so far so I want it to end already, also I feel like Naruto vs Sasuke 2 won't be as exciting as their first battle as there are too many new elements introduced in the story since then.

Lastly a reader of mine asked if I could share a story he wrote, I hope you might spare a few minutes to read it as I found it very interesting myself.