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Naruto 674 review

 Hello everyone and welcome to what is probably Naruto's last chapter for this month, chapter 674.

Whose been watching the anime lately? it's probably been the best filler so far with how it fills in the story between Obito's death and Kakashi being the teacher for team 7, you can find the latest episode here.
Onwards to this week's chapter, last time we had a mostly setup chapter for the future and 674 definitely delivers in terms of action and advancing the story. The chapter starts immediately with Madara using a lightning attack and being countered by Naruto and Sasuke, it seems that Sasuke can now use some long distance eye technique that manipulates elements, or at least lightning so far.

Another thing I find a bit odd is that despite his chakra nature being fire Sasuke has always shown a stronger affinity to lightning techniques, using them as much if not more than his fire abilities.

Last week I speculated a little about Limbo and thought it had something to do with Kamui or maybe it was a technique that can absorb chakra, it turns out it's neither as it's most similar to Muu's technique, Madara is able to use a clone of himself that's invisible to everyone but this clone can affect the real world and defend Madara as well as attack his enemies.

However it seems that the clone is weak to Sage attacks as Naruto's blow with the black staff manages to bypass or simply overpower his defenses and affects the real Madara.

Naruto can sense the clone and after his attack he knows that the clone will try to attack him again, Sasuke tries to protect Naruto by throwing his sword but misses the shadow and Naruto ends up taking a hit.

The action this chapter is quite fast and takes a bit of time to understand what happens, I'm not completely sure I understand what happens despite reading it 3 times but I hope that I'm right.

Sasuke figures out that Madara's shadow can only temporarily be used before it has to return back to him, with this he devises a plan but first Madara decides he want's Sasuke's eyes as he thinks they are connected beyond blood, and they are as they are both reincarnations of Indra with Sasuke being the current one and Madara being the previous Indra so in a way they have the same spirit somehow.

Okay so here's how I think Madara got stabbed, apparently when Madara went to attack Sasuke his shadow returned to him mid flight, his "shadow" had already been stabbed by Sasuke earlier and when he returned to the real Madara he had his sword stuck to him and ended up stabbing the real Madara as well, plus we can see from the above two panels that Sasuke's sword first landed to Naruto's left and then Sasuke appears later after using it.

Am I the only one who got confused by that in their first reading?

Sasuke definitely leads the duo right now and tells Naruto that in their next attack Sasuke will focus on the visible Madara while Naruto should aim for the invisible shadow, I find it a bit strange that Naruto should aim for the Madara he can't see but can sense only.

Remember when Naruto met the Bijuus and got their name? all except Shukaku who tells him to use his chakra for the next attack as he can use sealing techniques on them, it reminds me that earlier Gaara was able to use sealing techniques also due to being the previous host of Shukaku as well as the fact that this would be Shukaku's second attempt at sealing Madara.

Okay I'm not quite sure how Sasuke and Naruto landed an attack on Madara but... they do, I really can't understand how suddenly they are sandwiching Madara and attacking him from both sides yet it happens, I think Sasuke might have teleported both of them to either side of Madara and that's why he orders Naruto to come towards him with his technique, again this is a rather confusing chapter with a ton of new powers and very little explanation.

Just like how Muu managed to escape being sealed Madara does the exact same thing this chapter by transferring places with his shadow and trying to take advantage of poor Kakashi.

Firstly I despise how easy it is for eye transfers to happen now, Madara just goes to Kakashi and bam! instant eye transplant with no effort whatsoever, he literally just sticks it into his sockets and that's it, it works perfectly. Some people will of course argue and say that logic doesn't apply here since Naruto has fire breathing monkeys and people coming back from the dead but this eye thing was something Kishi established, it took Sasuke weeks to get used to Itachi's eye and here Madara manages to implant a new eye and use Kamui instantly despite how long it took for the original eye owners to learn the same technique.

Last week one of the comments by a reader was that Obito would ask Sakura to destroy his Rinnengan eye and true enough that happened this chapter so props to you. Obito wants to destroy it since his control of Black Zetsu is almost over, before Sakura manages to do anything though we gotta ask... can Sakura stab anyone? not exactly the first time she had a Kunai in her hand and an enemy/friend at her mercy.

Dammit Sakura, you had ONE job.

Before Sakura can crush the Rinnengan, Madara is able to use Kamui and go to the other dimension mere seconds after Sasuke cuts the man into two pieces, Madara is literally a floating half body in Kamui dimension and that's how the chapter ends. With Madara's top half in Kamui throwing a black rod and honestly looking somewhat non-threatening, and as for his lower half?


1- Madara's attack has to land somehow or Betzu will take control of Obito and hurt him somehow, either way the crushing of the Rinnengan won't happen, then again did anyone really think Sakura would do it? I would be impressed if she does though.

2- Kakashi just lost his left eye which has the Sharingan, and since Obito's left eye is the Rinnengan... hmm. I do wonder if a person can transfer an eye from the right socket of someone to the left socket of someone else but to be honest I think Kishi can do whatever he wants right now and he won't even justify it anymore.

3- Madara's body is like Lego, he loses his bottom half but I'm sure he will either get it back or replace it with some of Zetsu's body soon.


A very action packed, quick and rather confusing chapter at the start with a lot of new techniques showing up and being used, I liked seeing Sasuke leading Naruto and planning their attacks, Sasuke despite his loner personality is generally a decent team player and this goes back all the way to their fights in part 1 against Zabusa and then when they had to survive in the forest of death, both times it was Sasuke who planned the team's movements and it was nice to re-visit that dynamic.

Thing is Madara felt very non-threatening this chapter against the two current reincarnations, dude got hit a couple of times and didn't land anything in return, he stole Kakashi's eye which bothers me to no end because at the very least with the Rinnengan people said " well it's his own eye so he can use it immediately" What's the excuse now gonna be? " it's an eyeball so of course he can use it immediately, it's not a rock or something".

I did enjoy parts of the chapter and seeing the story advance a little but overall it was just an Ok chapter for me and I'll give it a 3 out of 5.


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