Friday, 15 July 2011

Naruto 547 Review

Hello and Welcome everyone to this late review for Naruto 547, My computer broke down earlier this week and hopefully I will have it fixed up soon, but lets start our review now.

Our chapter starts with Gaara telling his father how he is no longer a jinchuriki and he has friends, the 4th Kazekage is more surprised by him having friends then losing the shukuku, to which the 2nd Mizukage says thats its no big deal for Gaara to have friends, While at first I found the Mizukage to be annoying, I am starting to like him more and more with each word he says.

Gaara announces how he is now the Kazekage, a position that requires him to protect his village from every threat, I found this ironic in a way, in the old days, Gaara's dad tried to kill him because Gaara was a threat to the village, now the 4th is the threat and Gaara is the one to stop him.

Oonoki chips in and adds that not only is he the new Kage, but the commander general as well, an impressive feat for someone so young, however Mu seems more interested in this joint shinobi army then in Gaara.

I love this page, it starts of with the Mizuekage being awesome, his sense of humor Really lightens the mood, the Raikage congratulates the 4th on his son and tells him to take out Mu first, its strange how fast Mu seems to be disliked by others.

The scene shifts to a flashback to Gaara's birth, we see Chiyo informing the 4th that Gaara is compatible with shukuku, I found it odd how the 4th calls Gaara "it" instead of him.

We also learn that Gaara was born premature, it somewhat explains his slightly smaller then average build, another thing about Gaara being compatible is that he resembles his father a lot, It makes me think that the 4th was also compatible with shukuku but being Kazekage he could not risk being a jinchuriki as well, and since jinchuriki are usually close to the Kage's family, it makes sense to make his son a jinchuriki instead of himself.

Its sweet to see how small Gaara is next to his mother, as well as the 4th concern for her, we don't get enough scenes like this, to see how people care for each other in the ninja world, it reminds me a little of Naruto's own birth and adds another similarity between Gaara and Naruto, both lost their mothers the day they were born.

Gaara apparently doesn't control the shukaku as well as his father had hoped, although he seems to not be the first to fail with being a jinchuriki.

We don't see much of Village economics, but it seems that Suna has always struggled in that area, they trade gold and...techniques(?) with other villages? I'm not sure if that's what is being said,  but it does make sense for a village to sell its techniques, if other villages can go to extreme length to protect their secret techniques ( Hyuuga) then selling them seems like a viable thing to do.

We go back now to one of Gaara's most defining moments in life, when his uncle tried to kill him, in part 1 we learned that this moment broke him and made him a cold murderer, but now we learn it was part of a plot set by his father, he wanted to push Gaara and hoped he could contain the One tailed beast, all in the name of discovering his Value.

We all know what happened next, the 4th's kind plan didnt work and Gaara snapped and let out Shukaku, and to be honest, I found this development to be somewhat unexpected, we never got any hints to it and it makes Gaara's story somewhat less tragic, before he was a guy who overcame everyone's hatred and became a hero, now he seems like some guy who was fooled by his dad in the past....

The scene shifts back to the present day, where the 4th realizes that thanks to Edo Tensei, he has one last chance to test Gaara, while Mu reminds Oonoki that only he can stop him, then tells him that after the war is over to betray his allies and take all the spoils for himself, Mu is one devious guy and the Mizu and Raikage both object to this plan, the Raikage was already known as a decent guy but the Mizukage objecting this plan shows that he is a nice guy ( well nicer then Mu) along with his sense of humor, this puts me in the Mizukage's side in the Mizu vs Mu debate.

Oonoki though refuses his old teacher's plan, showing character development for a guy who is over 90 now which is not something you see everyday.

The Mizukage tells the Alliance that they cant move their bodies and that they will tell them their weak points, while the Raikage says they should stop their movements first, both of them show concern for the living shinobi while the other two Kages have so far shown more interest in their predecessors.

Gaara and his dad attack each other while Mizu and Raikage go to the sides and charge at him, apparently Gaara's attack is the signal for the alliance to attack, as the Alliance charges in Gaara uses some sort of rain sand attack to get the kages, but its stopped by the former Kazekage, its a feint though and the real attack was to get them from below, a tactic Gaara did with Oonoki just the last chapter.

This time though, the attack changes to the shape of Karura, which grabs on to and holds all the Kages except Mu ( who is being entertained by Oonoki ), the 4th tries to attack even while he is captured but the Shield of sand protects Gaara,Which shocks the 4th, as he always thought it was Shukaku who protected Gaara out of self-preservation, not his mother's spirit protecting him out of love.

The 4th, being hugged by a sand sculpture of his wife while his son looks on, its quite a sight, and the 4th realizes the importance of faith in his children, the same faith Minato had in his son, its something all parents seem to get moments before they die :/

The chapter ends with Gaara being told that his mother loved him, its a moving moment especially when you remember how its the idea that his mother hated and cursed him that brought out shukaku the first time, realizing that the Shield that protected him all his life was his mother, and that it was out of love....

Thats kinda cool :D


An interesting chapter ( I say that each week dont i?) With a lot of development for quite a few character, we get to know a bit more about the dead kages, nothing new on Raikage, while Mu shows his colors, telling Oonoki to betray his allies was a low blow and this contrasts sharply with the Mizukage telling people how to beat him.

But what I loved most in this chapter was the father-son relationship between the current and former Kazekage, Gaara's whole life was plagued by his parents, his mother cursed him and his dad tried to kill him, and to see Gaara find out that his mother loved him, and from his dad no less, it packed an emotional punch, which was more important then the action this week ( pssh, some dust flying around, big deal)

Well thats all for this chapter, I feel like I havent even touched it in this review but unfortunately I have no computer and I hope to give a better Review next week, well till next time guys.