Saturday, 9 July 2011

Perspective Part 2 Right and Wrong

Howdy, with my university starting on Monday I guess this might be my last post for this holiday unless I write something tomorrow, so lets get to it.

One thing I have always loved, is how we all interpret right and wrong differently then others, what is acceptable for some is a crime for others, in some cases it literally is a crime for others, like for example polygamy.

Is this wrong?
Yet I'm not so interested in whats legal and what isn't, every place uses a different method of determining that, no what I enjoy is the human aspect of it, of how we come to the conclusion of whether what we are doing is in fact right or wrong, like cheating in exams or lying, is something wrong if it saves us from grief?

Firstly lets determine the common ways we judge is something is wrong or right.


The law is the most common way to determine what is right and wrong, why? cause basically if you do something illegal, you're caught and will get some form of punishment, the law is somewhat effective as a way to determine whether you should or should not do something, Infact I'd say its very effective, what stops a lot of people from killing others is the idea that if they do, they will be in prison for the rest of their lives or worst be sentenced to death ( if they are caught)

However, the law itself is..... well odd to say the least, for one thing laws are not universal, whats legal in one country is not legal in another, in France you can get a license for prostitution, in Saudi Arabia you'll get an axe instead, so which one is right and which one is wrong?

Another thing about the law is it can be cruel, not all people are judged equally, the law may take into account the motives of the individual and while it usually does do a good job, it has its royal screw ups occasionally.

Aint life fair?

One thing that interests me most about the law is self-defense, I read a story recently about a man who was robed at gunpoint, but he wrestled the guy and got his gun, when the robber tried to run away he shot him. Three times.

Would that count as self-defense or murder? I mean the dude was running, he had no weapon and was no threat, yet he could have been going to call his gang mates to help him out, Hmm....

How would you judge him?


Ah religion, Where as the Law is based on what I consider large scale things, Religion is more towards everything in life including the Law.

In fact in some countries the law is based on the religion used, but is that the right thing?

Religion is a sensitive issue, since some people have their own religion and some people dont, saying more about it might offend.

However lets compare the law to Religion.

Where as people follow the Law because its either you do that or get imprisoned, Religion tends to be the other way, where as the Law can be summed up as " do this and get punished". Religion is more of " Do this and be rewarded"

So which one do you follow when love and duty come in conflict?