Friday, 14 October 2011

Survivor South Pacific episode 5 review

Howdy, sorry for missing last episode's review, damn life is getting in the way of blogging for you guys.

Well lets get to it :D

-After the recap we get the touching Stacy-Christine reunion, Stacy getting so much attention pretty much confirms that she will lose redemption island, or atleast she should, her damn cliches are getting annoying.

"The grass is always greener on the other side"
And her chucky cheese too.

-Albert is a pretty smart guy, my bet for an Upolu player winner.

- Coach has an interesting response to Redemption island, informing the tribe that his own mom calls him coach since he was 18....
Does anyone else think that Coach might be the sane one in family?

-Ozzy is being quite an ass to Cochran, course he is doing it to impress his bimbo of the season.

-Speaking of Elice, whats up with her and coch?

-Ozzy revealing that Coach should vote out Albert was a big mistake, you dont say something like that when you're standing next to the strongest guys in the tribe.

-Albert is reading the signs right, but showing his clue to Coach and Sophie really just confirms what stacy said about who runs the tribe.

-Coach with the HII? that used to be just a myth, but now it actually happened, Coach has grabbed the game by the balls, he even told his "little dragon" to go back inside the tent....

-Cochran is a bit too judgmental on Ozzy, the guy fishes for you dude and he gets fish, fishing aint as easy as chopping coconuts.

-Rick got a line this episode!, sure it was short but "thats nice"

-Disgusting challenge, I think they did this in amazon right? either way it was just gross

-Close as hell, the two tribes really are well matched and it comes down to just two ounces, who will win this?

-Its official, God has joined Coach's fan club, if you thought coach was sitting pretty before, well he now has the Almighty on his side.....oh and Brandon

-For your reward, you can take all the food you spit on, nice.

-Did Albert remind you of anyone when he ate the reward? anyone? "Oh my god its so good"

"You cannot fathom the goodness that it is"
-So its the showdown we have all been waiting for, Ozzy vs Jim ( or Cochran, but I think Jim was the guy who got the plan to go down)

-Jim really showed his survivor-smarts this episode, utilizing Ozzy's single mistake to get rid of his best ally? I like it.

-Keith is the swing vote on this, its too bad that he seems so slow on the uptake, no Keith, you dont tell Ozzy you're voting out his strongest ally.

-Whitney mentions how she wants to weazel out of the vote, foreshadowing anyone? but then again survivor is all about foreshadowing.

-Tribal therapy starts and Jeff focuses early on the challenge and asks about their injuries, I personally loved the fact that Dawn lost a tooth and just doesnt care, woman is tough.

-Did anyone feel really bad for Cochran this tribal? most of his tribe took crap shots on him and it was just heartbreaking, especially as i find this his funniest tribal so far.

-Whitney and Keith worked well in this, they appeared ignorant or weak to the rest of the tribe while getting rid of who they wanted, swing votes are dangerous as hell.

-Bye bye Elice, looks like Christine might have a tough Redemption challenge for once.

And thats all folks, hope you enjoyed the episode as much as i did as well as this review.