Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Naruto 662 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's review for Naruto 662.
After thinking about last week's chapter  it occurred to me that quite a lot of things happened in 661, we have all the Bijuus sealed, Tobirama and Hashirama are basically destroyed, Naruto and Sasuke are close to dying, quite an active chapter although I can't say I enjoyed it much since all of this happened in 16 pages where it should have taken much longer, I mean I would have loved 2 chapters of just Tobirama vs Madara but nope.

Anyways this chapter starts with a pretty cool coloured page of both Naruto and Sasuke in big trouble, did anyone really think that Sasuke was actually stabbed by Madara? I thought it was way too simple for him to just jump in, stab, die. Sasuke always seemed too cautious to just jump on to Madara like that but hey that's what happened so I guess we'll just have to accept it.

Every chapter I've bitched about where the rest of the Alliance has been and why they haven't helped fight Madara so far and finally Kishi gives us an answer this chapter, everyone has been fighting a Zetsu clone that was first introduced back in chapter 602 or something along that line, you remember the one with the Poop fetish?
Remember him? he was pretty hard to remember and he's back in this chapter talking about.... wanna guess? anyone? it's brown and sticky but it's not a stick.

While I like seeing this guy again because I find him to be hilarious it is a little hard to think that poopy face has been the one stopping every single member of the Alliance so far, it was believable when Madara stopped 5 Kages by himself because of how strong he is, but when a Zetsu clone is able to achieve the same thing it kinda gets ridiculous, Kishi already seems to have problems figuring out a way to get rid of Madara and now he's bringing in this other random Zetsu who can fight the entire Alliance single handedly?

Well at least he's having some trouble bringing down the Third Hokage but only because the rest of the Alliance has burned out all their chakra, most of which is Kyuubi chakra that's still lingering around. I read some comments last week about how that means the Kyuubi hasn't been sealed yet because it's chakra is still being used but I think it makes sense since it's just chakra that is given and will be used and once used will disappear.

Another big player that hasn't done much for a long time makes an appearance, Kishi is bringing in all the old faces this chapter as it seems Orochimaru and his team have some sort of plan they want to carry out, I'm pretty sure though that they are on the Alliance's side for now as Orochimaru thinks of Spiral Zetsu as "this enemy" instead of something else, so I'm guessing they are laying some sort of trap for him. Another possible theory is that Spiral Zetsu has someone inside him and that is someone Orochimaru knows.

Whatever it is though, it has to wait as the Alliance reacts to news of Naruto no longer being a Jinchuriki and dying slowly, I love how instead of them actually immediately healing they start asking questions, it's like witnessing someone drowning and asking "well how did they get in the water in the first place? please answer that before I go and swim out myself" Just heal the damn guy and get it over with.

" What happened? Is Naruto ok? Is Madara defeated? Where's Tenten? What's for lunch?!"
However it seems like Gaara needs Naruto to be healed for something as he plans on taking a medic with him and going somewhere, maybe to Minato? of course at this time we get Hinata finding out that Naruto is dying thanks to some long range Byakugan and then she trips. Yeah that was romantic I guess? at least Sakura is being useful Hinata but you just lay on the floor and be clumsy, that's helpful.

The scene goes back to Sasuke and Madara and I'm still surprised that Sasuke actually got stabbed so early in this fight, but this experience does give us a glimpse into what's going on in his head.

So that's why he wants to become Hokage, it's really quite interesting and I'm looking forward to how Sasuke will get out of this, I'll add a theory about this in the prediction section.

Either way the chapter ends with both Sasuke and Naruto on death's door, both being watched by their partner, a little surprising that we're seeing Sasuke's death from Karin's point of view and Sakura is watching Naruto die, I wouldn't have pictured it like this yet maybe this is some sort of hint for the pairing wars? Kishi loves fanning those flames. Either way it's a pretty epic ending to this chapter and I loved it.


1- I wonder what Gaara has planned for Naruto, he needs him to be somewhere specific and that's probably with Dark Kurama, a lot of people predict that and I think it's the most likely answer so far.

2- It's a little funny how Bee has been completely ignored even though he's just as close to dying as everyone else, I mean Gaara even left him behind and just carried Naruto away. I'd like to see some sort of reaction from Raikage but I don't think we'll get any sort of rampage considering how fast Kishi is going through events.

3- Is Spiral Zetsu the original Tobi? Compare Tobi's personality before and after Itachi's death and the huge shift in the way that guy acts.

4- Remember when Madara said he only unlocked his Rinnengan at the end of his life?

Some theories I read is that just like how the Sharingan activates when the person experinces loss, perhaps the Rinnengan only activates when someone has both Uchiha and Senju DNA and is close to death... someone like Sasuke right now? we know that Hashirama gave him some chakra and that might be enough to help him activate his Rinnengan, kinda banking on this theory actually. Besides Sasuke won't die till we see what Hashirama gave him so there's that.

5- Remember last chapter when Zetsu said "The insides are surprisingly good?" He's probably referring to someone who is inside Spiral Zetsu right now, perhaps...Yamato?!


I enjoyed this chapter quite a lot, it dealt with the aftermath of 661 very well and didn't have the usual too-rushed or too-slow feeling we often get from this war arc, instead it just felt perfectly paced and opened up a lot of room for speculation in the future. I give Naruto 662 a 4 out of 5 and hope next week we get a chapter just like this one. 

"Looks like Naruto is gonna have to give up his dream on having the best football team ever...
Because he doesn't have a QB anymore
...I'll show myself out..."

"It's a tad funny...Sasuke stabbed Karin and now he knows what it's like."

"Boy - this chapter is nothing but a bunch of relentless off-panel jobbing. Let's see - in order to give Madara any SHRED of plausibility in his new role as Generic McBadDude Kishi has...

1. Jobbed Hashirama. "Oh - when did I get stabbed with all these rods? That was off-panelled? Really? Oh - okay I guess I'll just LEAVE them in my body while I fight you... What's that? Oh - now they're totally paralyzing me? Gee - who'd have thunk?"

2. Jobbed ALL the Bijju. "Ha - it takes 3 days just to seal one of us in the Gedo statue. Good luck doing anything. Oh. What's that? You have magical fairy-chains now that can latch onto us even though we have totally escaped the Jubi? Oh - okay I guess... Well, it'll still take a while to seal us... Oh - wait - what's that? Because of ????? reasons you can do it all instantly while we can't do a thing about it? Convenient..."

3. Jobbed Tobirama. "Ha ha, Madara! I've been wanting to fight you for a while and now I can... Oh - wait - what's that? I got totally off-paneled and Kishi isn't even going to bother showing how I got stabbed and stuff? Oh - OK... I guess that SOMEONE on the planet might think that's good writing..."

4. Jobbed Sauske. "Ha ha, I'll fly down and... Oh - wait... Whatever Madara did to telekenesis me was off-panelled too? Really? Even me - Kishi's Golden Boy - is getting off-panelled? Okay - that's some really good writing I guess. Very compelling and exciting to off-panel everyone and everything. That's fun."

Come on. This is just ridiculous. It's stupid, implausible, totally contrived, and (worst of all) boring. Blech. Chapter gets 3 out of 10 and I'm being generous."
- Invader