Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Naruto 679 review

Hello and welcome to this week's review for Naruto 679.

We have an interesting chapter this week don't we? in the first page we see Madara screaming in pain as his shadows start disappearing and he absorbs more and more chakra, inflating like a balloon. I expect we will see some pictures of Madara's head on balloons soon or something similar to that.

The chakra that Madara is absorbing shoots out from the ground with great force, I'm not exactly sure that it's the chakra from the people caught in the IT because it's all coming from underground but none of the shinobi we've seen have been buried or anything. Then again it's probably just the branches of the tree send the chakra underground through the roots and into Madara, yeah that makes sense.

Kishi draws some parallels between Sasuke and Naruto in this chapter, then again his entire series is basically about paralleling these two characters, anyways Sasuke's ability this chapter seems like a pretty generic Chidori sword but Naruto manages to one of the spheres that he has into a staff to attack with and I like this a lot because it reminded me how good Naruto is at using techniques that rely on shape manipulation.
We also get to see just how fast Sasuke and Naruto are in comparison to each other, Naruto has already been called the Yellow Flash one and he rushes towards Madara almost immediately after he forms his weapon yet Sasuke who seems slightly further away from Madara not only lands his attack but even lands on the other side before Naruto manages to use his technique. We already know Sasuke got some incredibly fast technique thanks to the Sage but it is demonstrated yet again just how blazingly fast Sasuke is this chapter, I don't think it's a stretch to say that right now Sasuke is probably the fastest character in Naruto.

Not that speed seems to matter much against Kaguya as she just grabs Naruto and Sasuke with I assume. Sakura sees this and realizes that it's been a couple of chapters since the last time she embarrassed herself, as she prepares to "help" her team Kakashi steps infront of her and we see the difference in experience between Kakashi and Sakura, while they both want to aid their team Kakashi knows that without assessing the situation and figuring out a plan it's pointless. While Kakashi has lost a lot of his offensive powers when Madara stole his Sharingan he is still as sharp as ever and I like seeing that.

Last week I read a lot of theories about how Zetsu is being possessed by Kaguya and I even thought that might be the case yet it turns out that Zetsu does have his own free will and he isn't being controlled into freeing kaguya, he even tells us in this chapter that all the Zetsus come from people who were caught in the Infinite Tsukiyomi a long time ago. This is also the last appearance of Betzu in this chapter as Kaguya absorbs him as well, it's not exactly explained why she does this though and I am still confused how Betsu is Kaguya's will instead of Madara's.

When Kaguya absorbs Betsu it looks like the end of Madara as he just explodes completely which is remarkably anti-climactic, Madara has been hyped up for the last 100 chapters and ever since Obito switched sides we've seen Madara pull out a lot of tricks from his ass and then he just dies. That's it everyone Madara is gone, a new challenger has appeared.

Imagine how long it would take to brush all that hair.
Kaguya is able to sense that Naruto and Sasuke have symbols on their hands and releases them, which is something very odd that many animes do, whenever the villian grabs the hero instead of just crushing him or stabbing him, the villian would just throw him to the ground for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Kaguya has Naruto and Sasuke in her mercy but does she blow them up? cut them apart? do anything? No, it's far more harmful to through them to the ground from a height of 5 feet.

Kaguya first compares Naruto and Sasuke to her sons, then she realizes they are more like Azhura and Indra, I am not sure if she is comparing them in terms of power or what exactly but it does show that Kaguya knows about the reincarnations of Ashura and Indra and that there might also be reincarnations for the Sage and his brother as well. I wonder who they might be.

Kaguya says that the planet is her nursery and to stop the fighting she seems to make the ground disappear entirely and that's it, the chapter is over.


There are a few predictions that I think are definitely going to happen before this manga is over and I've been meaning to write about them for some time.

Sasuke's gift.

Way back in chapter 661 we saw that Hashirama gave Sasuke something that will allow him to stop Madara, it's not been revealed what this thing is yet but considering how Madara is pretty much defeated now I think this ability will be used against Kaguya instead.

A tale of two brothers.

I expect that we will see a backstory for two characters who haven't been a big part of Naruto but have had a big influence on their brothers, Izuna Uchiha and the Sage's brother, both of these two characters have played huge roles, just not very direct ones and I am pretty sure we will get some flashbacks for them.

Naruto's technique.

A plot point I think Kishi forgot about and I'm not even sure it's relevent but back in 370 Jiraya mentions that Naruto should master a certain technique and since that it's been brought up once (when Naruto meets the toad sage) and never again after that, unlikely to matter now but I hope it does.

The two Sages.

Obito and Madara will both do something, I don't think Madara will just be absorbed fully like that, he will try to control Kaguya from the inside somehow and Obito is finally free from Zetsu although probably very close to death.


This was a fun chapter with quite a few reveals, I had originally assumed Zetsus come from that giant plant thing we saw before but it seems that Zetsus are just people who have had their chakra drained since Kaguya's time, creepy. Aside from that some power demonstrations and Kakashi showing his intellect even now. Madara might be dead and if he does show up again he will definitely be against Kaguya so that's one way to make him a good guy although I think it's very cheap that he gets killed/blown up/absorbed in less than a chapter after all the buildup but whatever. A lot of the art this week was very confusing as well and just plain crazy.

I don't like Madara dying this way but this chapter had a relatively epic feeling to it, still I don't think it deserves more than a 3 out of 5. Let me know what you think, leave a comment and hope you enjoyed this chapter as well.


"Surprise surprise. The manipulator of the manipulator who was manipulating the person manipulating the members of the Akatsuki was being manipulated...." -WashILLiams-

"Sakura confirmed as the worst insult you can give in the narutoverse" -king_brady -