Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Naruto 680 review

Has anyone been watching the latest Naruto anime episode? I'm not exactly sure how it does it but the anime has so far been doing a great job in making the fight against the Jyuubi arc a lot more interesting than the manga did, so here's hoping they keep it up.

Also there has been a new trailer for the Legend of Korra for those interested, it looks like it's gonna be an awesome season.
Anyways let's talk about 680 now. I read a lot of predictions about how Kaguya got the lava to appear all of a sudden, some said it was a genjutsu, others said Kaguya teleported everyone and I originally thought that she must have turned the ground into lava. It turns out that she did in fact teleport everyone into a volcano so whoever predicted that, kudos to you.

I didn't notice that Obito was in the page in the last chapter but if you look closely there he is. The question here is why is Obito around exactly? I think we can assume he's dead right? no Bijuu inside him and no Betzu keeping him alive so what's the point of him being around? I still think it's so that he can have his final words with Kakashi thought it seems unlikely with him being you know, dead. The other reason of course is to give his Sharingan to Kakashi again, man everytime Obito gives his eye to Kakashi he "dies".

Sasuke's first instinct when they get teleported is to save Naruto, for everyone who kept talking about how Sasuke saved Kakashi and Sakura, he didn't, they were just there and his abandonment (can we call it abandonment? I think what he did this chapter counts as abandoning) he leaves Sakura and Kakashi pretty much to die. If this doesn't kill the Sakura-Sasuke relationship I do not know what will, I mean it's one thing to call her useless in one chapter it's quite another to abandon her to burn to death. Then again Sasuke tried to kill her twice before and that didn't stop the shippers so.....

  1. the distance or measurement from side to side of something; width."

Oooh, at first I thought it should be " A hair's width" but hey I was wrong.
How cool is Kakashi? I mean the dude is as average as shinobi as anyone right now, no hidden lineage, no blood line limit, nothing basically and yet he still manages to impress me in this chapter more than anyone else. He is kind of useless right now because he can't compete with the other super powered gods running around but damn, he's cool.

Not only does Kakashi manage to save himself and Sakura, he also pins Obito to a wall to keep him from falling to the lava, again I have to wonder why Obito's body is being kept around for? when we saw Juugo with Sasuke a lot I thought he would end up using his Senjutsu to help bring down Jobito and he did. Kishi has a reason for Obito to still be around so I'd love to hear what predictions you readers have.

Sasuke states flat out the facts of their fight, only he and Naruto can seal Kaguya and the only reason Kakashi and Sakura aren't caught in the infinite Tsukiyomi is because they were next to Naruto and that's all. I kinda wonder if this fight might not go better if they had just let Kakashi and Sakura get caught, the people who have been caught won't die because that's 95% of the cast and while I love seeing Kakashi he doesn't offer much in this fight (at least not yet).

Everything Sasuke said is true, I don't think anyone can dispute that right now the most important people in the world are Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto counters though that it's instinctive for him to save people and we come to a question on what leadership really means, is it cold pragmatism? or Naruto correct in his desire to protect everyone? I'd like to think it's a mixture of both were a strong leader cannot give up his life so freely because if the leader dies then who is left to protect people? at the same time you can't sacrifice everyone to achieve a goal because no goal is worth losing everything.

Sakura hears the talk between her two team mates and gets all teary eyed because she keeps getting more and more proof that Sasuke doesn't love her, which at this point in the story is still the most important thing to her for some reason. Kakashi though has bigger things to worry about when the scroll he's using as a harnass starts burning up and he falls along with Sakura into the lava.

This very unfortunate turn of events is exactly what Kaguya is waiting for because it leaves Naruto too distracted about his team to react to her attack and it's this very issue which makes me think that perhaps it would be better if Sakura and Kakashi had just been caught by the IT. Even Sasuke's bird gets hit by a couple of needles and so does Sasuke himself, I'm willing to bet that these needles combined with the Byakugan do something to the victim's chakra.

We see the former Hokages all getting ready to join the fight, Hashirama confirms that Madara's chakra has disappeared although I don't think it means that he's dead quite yet. In fact this just makes Madara coming back more likely since it would be a "twist" to the story. Tobirama and Sarutobi are also rushing to Kaguya while poor Minato is still in Konoha although he also is getting ready to go back to Naruto.

What I like most in the above picture is that Naruto not only saved his entire team but he also saved Sasuke's bird, who here thinks Sasuke would have saved his own bird if he was in Naruto's situation?

The sight of Naruto saving his team reminds Kaguya of her son and we get a glimpse into what the Sage looked like when he was quite a bit younger, he also looks like he's using some sort of technique, probably against Kaguya herself. I do not recall that we were ever told that the Sage fought against his mom, it's only been mentioned that he fought against the Jyuubi and sealed it yet this chapter implies that he also fought against Kaguya as well.

This theory is further supported when we see how Kaguya wants all chakra to become one again, very similar to the Fruit that the tree produced a long time ago, in fact right now it seems there is very little difference between the Jyuubi and Kaguya.

Crazy theory: What if the Sage didn't split the Jyuubi into 9 Bijuus and sealed it's body in the moon? what if the Sage split the Bijuu into 9 pieces and sealed Kaguya into the moon? Obito said that the Sage sealed the Jyuubi's body on the moon, what if the Jyuubi's body = the Jyuubi's first jinchuriki who is Kaguya?

The chapter ends with Naruto and Kaguya throwing a massive attack at each other, this attack leaves an opening for Sasuke to swoop in with his Susanoo and we're left with a cliffhanger.


1- Kaguya might have been sealed into the Sage along with the Jyuubi, or she was put on the moon. Now that I think about it what if activating the IT released Kaguya from her cage on the moon?

2- Kishi hyping Sakura up like crazy, wonder what to expect from her? I actually hoped she would fall into the lava but she would be healing up and turn into some sort of crazy fire healing Sakura but Kishi instead decided to just let Kakashi hold her for the entire chapter. much better use of her character.

3- Not sure what the Hokages will do against Kaguya and still not sure why they are unaffected by the genjutsu, I still think a part of it has to do with either Orochimaru or because they were sealed in the Death God's stomach.

I liked this chapter, it had some really good action sequences with Kakashi and Naruto and it showed us the difference between the two main characters right now, we also see the Hokages rushing in to help so there's some buildup for the future as well as hints of Kaguya's past. Overall I just enjoyed this chapter more than usual so I'll give it a 4 out of 5 and hope you liked it as well.


"Madara really let himself go during this chapter. I might be misunderstanding this, but does that mean the entire white zetsu army was created a long time ago back when Kaguya was still alive?
In the end it's Kaguya final boss, another plot point people called the chapter she was introduced. What really annoys me is Kishi's constant one-upping of his super villains.
Juubi - "This thing is pretty much a god"
Juubito - "Holy shit this guy is like nothing we've ever seen before"
Madara - "OMGWTFBBQ How is he even alive after gettting pumped full of sand and being slapped by tailed beasts?"(explained with Limbo later on but still)
Juudara - "Jesus christ he makes everyone else in the series look like a moist towelet"
Kaguya - "It's on a whole other level!"

" I like how sakura was going to provide help then kakashi was like 'no sakura remember that you're still useless' " - flight_of_death