Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Naruto 698 review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review for one of the last Naruto chapters, feels a bit sad to know how close we are to the end but all good things must end eventually. So let's talk about chapter 698 now.
This chapter begins with Sasuke's Chidori coming straight for Naruto, right before he strikes though Naruto notices that Sasuke's Sharingan gets deactivated, it's quite amazing that it's been active for this long considering how much chakra the Sharingan is supposed to consume but anyways due to Sasuke's loss of his Sharingan he is unable to dodge Naruto's very sweet uppercut. I predicted an uppercut last chapter but thought it might come from a clone instead.

Naruto has some damn powerful uppercuts doesn't he? and it's always a bit funny to see fights being settled by a couple of punches and not the massive amount of tools Ninjas have at their disposal. Don't get me wrong I love the current taijutsu fight, I just find it a little bit strange that a few punches will settle a fight rather than giant Susannos and Bijuu bombs.

Even though Naruto managed to land a strong hit, it does backfire a little as Sasuke ends up absorbing some more of Kurama's chakra, this stolen chakra enables Sasuke to prepare his Chidori + Blaze element technique, Kurama to make up for two mistakes in a row (he let Sasuke steal his chakra in the last chapter too) gives Naruto what's left of his power and then...takes a nap. He does inform Naruto though that Sasuke can't use ninjutsu and drain chakra at the same time, so he shouldn't worry about losing any more of his strength.

The shot of Naruto and Sasuke charging towards each other with Kurama telling Naruto how he is a good friend to him is amazing, for me the most interesting character development in the last 100 chapters have been for Kurama, he's definitely a ton more interesting as this sarcastic but nice jackass than he was before.

One of my readers predicted 2 or so weeks ago that the final blow between Naruto and Sasuke will be near the feet of the statues and it will be another Rasengan vs Chidori attack, Congrats on that awesome prediction because I certainly didn't expect it to happen when Naruto and Sasuke were so low on chakra.

The final attack knocks both combatants out but when Sasuke wakes up we see that Naruto has been awake for some time now, I'm sure some Naruto fans will see this as a victory yet it definitely feels more like a draw to me than anything. The fact that neither of them can even move further reinforces that no one really won this fight.

Of course since neither person can fight anymore it's time for them to fight with their mouths, commence Therapy-no-jutsu, one pattern I've noticed with people who convert to the church of Naruto is that at some point they will either yell or cry during his speeches.

Naruto can really be very funny sometimes, after making fun of Sasuke's sudden urge to communicate he starts explaining what the word friend means, perhaps if they taught friendship 101 at the ninja academy then Sasuke wouldn't have gotten this crazy? Naruto explains that when he sees his friend in pain, he can feel it too and that's pretty much all he can say about it, his explanation actually gets Sasuke to smile which makes him far more relatable, for once.

As always with all the characters in Naruto we get some flashbacks of their past and Sasuke remembers how he was watching Naruto since they were kids and how he did his antics in order to get attention, how watching Naruto made him feel both better and weaker (very bipolar if you ask me) how ending up on the same team made Sasuke remember his family, how Sasuke eventually became jealous of Naruto.

I think Sasuke doesn't see things quite as they are, during part 1 everyone praised Sasuke and mostly ignored Naruto and considered him a loser. I wonder where this image of Naruto and Itachi being similar comes from.

Those two don't look good do they? Naruto complains about how he can't move and Sasuke admits that he lost this fight, not sure I'd count Naruto not being able to even move as a victory but perhaps more important than the physical beat down is Sasuke realizing that if the feud between the two brothers ends, that is another form of revolution, and if he dies then Naruto can just transplant his Rinnengan into Kakashi (cause eye transplants have become a joke in Naruto). Naruto is adamant though about Sasuke living and helping him in his new world, when Sasuke asks how can Naruto be so sure that they won't end up fighting again...well we get a pretty interesting image.


Well firstly I want to congratulate Deroy Ferdinan for accurately guessing that Naruto and Sasuke will end up losing their arms to each other, that was pretty awesome, pretty cool image of their blood mixing together like that.

Of course it's been quite obvious for a while that they will both survive this fight but now it also seems like they will work together in the future, also in the last Naruto movie both of them still have two arms, so I am guessing they find some way to regrow them, either with the help of the Sage, the Bijuu or maybe some form of their own chakra. Either way for now Sasuke seems all right, I just hope Naruto doesn't get left behind *wink wink*.

Also it seems like Naruto is becoming more like his father everyday.


This was a good conclusion to the fight, of course loss of limbs is always a bit hard to stomach but it was well done here, Jiraya also lost an arm before dying but I don't think that's any foreshadowing here. In Hunter X Hunter the main character loses his arm at least twice and still manages to get it back.

I liked the dialogue here, I was surprised with Sasuke always feeling that Naruto was better than him, I think that's a bit new cause it always seemed the opposite, the ending was quite shocking but any manga reader will know that when an author isn't showing something that means that limb is gone or disfigured, overall a very solid 4 out of 5 chapter.

Do you think Raikage is gonna remind Sasuke who took his arm?