Thursday, 2 October 2014

Naruto 694 review

Hello and welcome to my review for Naruto 694.

Last week we were teased a fight between Naruto and Sasuke and I am happy to say that this week.... we haven't started yet but we almost do? is that good enough?....  I didn't think so either.
Instead of the most awaited rematch in Naruto history, we are treated to Sasuke's version of what A hokage is, something I'm sure dozens of viewers have been dying to find out.

Sasuke's version of a hokage is a person who is able to shoulder all the darkness and hatred in this world, he comes to this conclusion by remembering the life Itachi led and how he suffered during it. It's not something we are new to since all this we heard before from Tobi.

So not much new here about Sasuke's motivation, Itachi should have been Hokage but then again it's a rather immature way of thinking that if something should happen that it will, wanting or believing something should happen doesn't necessarily mean it will. For all we know Itachi might have been a terrible hokage.

Itachi's fatal mistake was not killing Sasuke and to that I can agree, if he had a lot of problems in this series wouldn't have happened but because the little eye bitch was spared we had him help Orochimaru, kidnap Killer Bee and attack the 5 Kage summit, one can't help but feel that Sasuke's death would have prevented a lot of problems from occurring.

And now Sasuke wants to be the person who shoulders the world's hatred in an effort to bring peace, he tells all this to Naruto and he told it to the Sage in the past, Naruto rightfully asks if Sasuke expects the whole world to just follow him and what does the red eyed stepchild say? "I don't care"

Naruto brings in a good question, does Sasuke really believe he can do everything by himself? It's one thing to be independent in this world but it's a whole other thing for Sasuke to say he needs nobody in anyway. Sasuke doesn't even give a coherent answer, he simply states that he will erase the past and kill the previous 5 kages, he evades answering whether he thinks he needs people or not. Forcing people to follow his rule is exactly the same way as Madara,  ruling through force is a dictatorship and that will give rise to even bigger problems if Sasuke's version of Hokage ever exists

Sasuke's gone completely off his head when he states that Naruto will the final sacrifice to Itachi, like seriously what the hell is that about? Also does anyone feel like Itachi is a huge presence this chapter? he's brought up in almost every panel. The idea of killing Naruto as some sort of offering for Itachi is just stupid.

Back to Kakashi we see him asking the Sage what they should do and the Sage simply says they should believe, I don't think that's the right answer at all, Naruto is Ashura and Ashura needed help from people, if that trait is taken away then what did Ashura have? I am pretty sure Kakashi will show up and help Naruto at some point because he has deep regrets over how things turned out the last time when he arrived too late to the valley of the end.

Way back when the Sage appeared and asked Naruto and Sasuke about what they plan to do, we didn't see Sasuke's answer and here we see it now, he intended to kill Naruto from way before and we saw plenty of hints of that before. His reason for doing so? he likes Naruto.

The last 2 manga pages show us the start of the fight, it begins all the way since they were in the academy and continues on till today, it's Naruto vs Sasuke 2 (finally) and I am hedging all my bets on Naruto, not because I think he is stronger, nor because I know the story requires Naruto to win but because Sasuke needs a damn good bitch slap to the face to settle down.


1- As before I am pretty sure Naruto will win this fight or it ends as a draw somehow, we all know that Naruto needs Sasuke to end the genjutsu but Sasuke doesn't need Naruto and I don't see an ending where Naruto ends up dead.

2- I expect Kakashi to show up at some point to prevent a killing blow, he had massive regrets when he allowed Sasuke to escape the first time and almost kill Naruto and he won't let that happen again.

3- Pretty sure we will get a flashback about how Shinobi can understand each other when they exchange just one punch.

This was a good chapter for what it did, which was to remind us about Itachi's influence in the story, although in terms of actual plot progression I can't say I care much about Sasuke's reason for being crazy, he makes no sense to me and I find everything he says completely wrong.

Not much actually happens, at the start of the fight Naruto and Sasuke are on top of statues and 16 pages later they exchange one punch so...not exactly a plot moving chapter. Still it does what it does well and I'll give it a 3 out of 5 cause I enjoyed it for some reason.

Thanks for reading my review for this chapter, leave me any thoughts you have and let me know what you think of this chapter.