Thursday, 25 September 2014

Naruto 693 review

Finally the new chapter of Naruto is out after 2 weeks since chapter 692. Kishi manages to really hype up the battle between Naruto and Sasuke and then immediately give us a break to make us suffer, but at last the final fight in Naruto begins... or is about to begin more like it.
Chapter 693 begins with Naruto again asking Sasuke to free the Bijuus, Naruto thinks that they are captured because Sasuke assumes they will do evil things, as if Sasuke has ever acted for the well being of others. Sasuke of course tells Naruto he doesn't understand and that what he wants is to destroy all the Bijuu chakra that is around.

Since Sasuke can free everyone from the Genjutsu without Naruto, he decides he can kill him and then use the Bijuus. Sasuke implies that he'll kill the Bijuus after that but I'm pretty sure he knows by now that killing a Bijuu just allows it to come back to life later, so more likely he will blast them into space instead.

Before Naruto and Sasuke can go and fight somewhere else, Kakashi tries to interferre but he can barely stand from all the chakra he's been using. I love how chakra restrictions can be ignored sometimes and can cause huge issues at others, Kakashi should have fainted like 8 Kamui usages ago but he didnt, yet now he can barely stand...hmm...

With Kakashi unable to stand and her team mates about to leave, Sakura decides to (wo)man up and try to prevent the coming bloodshed. How will she accomplish this? by using her incredible Kunoichi powers of persuasion? will she fight Sasuke or Naruto? or something engage in a three sided fight? This was a suspenseful moment in the chapter for me.

Sakura complains about how all she could do in the past was sit and cry.... while she just sits there and continues crying! She literally is on the ground, crying and yelling for Sasuke not to go, exactly what she did when he left the first time, except she was at least standing back then, no such like this time. Sakura even tries to use the "if you love me, stay with me card", Sasuke responds by putting his arm through her chest, calling her annoying and casting a genjutsu on her... that's what I call some pimp love right there.

Naruto, seeing the girl he is crazy about admit how much she loves his best friend, still manages to yell at Sasuke for casting a genjutsu, Kakashi also decides to join in on this Sasuke guilt trip but in the end Sasuke just doesn't care and says he's not interested in Sakura at all and feelings like love are a thing of the past for him.

Firstly I do not get how the Sage is still around, didn't he say he would leave like 2 chapters ago and he was out of Chakra? like I said Kishi ignores Chakra limits whenever he feels like it and just decides to keep the Sage around for now.

Secondly, I love how the Sage just summarizes that love is very complicated, he doesn't mean Sakura and Sasuke though but instead Naruto and Sasuke. The sage tells Kakashi that he too once had 2 sons, implying that Kakashi feels like a father to his team. He mentions how it was a mistake to leave everything to Ashura and how it turned love into hate. When asked why he would trust Naruto now the Sage says that if Naruto can turn Kurama's hate into love, perhaps the same can happen to Sasuke. I actually think this was a pretty good speech.

The rematch is about to begin, and it will happen at the same place as the end of part 1. Naruto and Sasuke reach the valley of the end and both of them stand on their respective predecessor.
Naruto seems a bit light-hearted, mentioning how they used to fight here before, Sasuke is depressing though and just says Naruto will lose again. Naruto tries to tell Sasuke that a Hokage is picked by the people, that's what Itachi told him. Sasuke, showing his sanity yet again, tells Naruto to shove Itachi's words where the sun doesn't shine and that he will make a new meaning for the work Hokage. You know someone is crazy when they ignore the words of their genocide causing elder brother who then tortures them and spends the rest of their lives trying to find vengeance.

And thus concludes chapter 693.


- I definitely think the statues of Madara and Hashirama will suffer some damage, perhaps their heads will be blown away or something.
- Sasuke will use some of Hashirama's power that he received, I think it might end up back firing somehow on Sasuke.
- Knowing that Naruto needs Sasuke but Sasuke doesn't need Naruto kind of makes me even more sure that Naruto will win this fight.
- I expect Kakashi to show up at some point and stop the killing blow or something, time will tell.


I expected a faster paced chapter, considering the long wait and the hype that we all experienced but instead this was definitely a setup chapter for the future fight, showing us the full situation that Sakura is out of the fight, the Sage can't do anything and Kakashi won't reach his students for some time.

It's a decent chapter yet I don't see it as being completely necessary, nothing new was revealed and apart from Sakura being knocked out and Sasuke and Naruto changing locations, nothing actually happens. I expected much more to happen but it was still a good setup chapter and it gets a 3 out of 5 from me.

What are your thoughts on this chapter? is Sakura out for good? who will win in the fight? will Kakashi have any relevence?