Thursday, 4 September 2014

Naruto 691 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this review for Naruto 691, the epilogue of the war arc (or so it seems)
Last chapter definitely had a very "ending" feeling to it, with Kaguya being sealed and team 7 being teleported back to the real world. This chapter begins with Kakashi being astonished to see the Sage around and I think this is a nice bit of continuity, since Kakashi once stated that the Sage is nothing more than a legend.

Ah back then the idea of some creature being released seemed so funny and unlikely but... well anyways Sakura says she is tried of all the things she is seen and nothing will surprise her anymore, I think after we saw 15 power ups in one day and Obito die and come back more times than we can count (which he does this chapter by the way) nothing in Naruto can surprise me either.

We also see some old dead Kages say some stuff, meh to be honest it's highly irrelevent and just praise for the current world order.

I find it a bit odd that this chapter spent the first few pages focusing on Kakashi, here the Sage praises him for his leadership although Kakashi tries to deflect his praise by stating that it was all thanks to his team and Obito. It's a bit bullshit-y cause when the god of the universe tells you you're a good leader, then be quiet and just agree that you're a good leader.

One of the better character developments of this war have been Tsundere Kurama, the harsh talking but sensitive girl fox who has a crush on the main character and doesn't want him to know of it. There is a moment when the Sage says he's been waiting for a ninja to come and inspire the tailed beasts to lead them, we saw this before in Kurama's memory of the Sage. This comment also seems to possibly annoy or make Sasuke jealous, the same jealousy perhaps that started the war between Ashura and Indra.

You know who I expected to see twice after he died? not once but twice? Obito. I do not understand how Kishi still manages to find a way to stuff Obito down our throat and he does it again this chapter, he literally does nothing this chapter except list down what he did, he ruined the world, is going to see Rin, told her an excuse that he will be late and then went to Kakashi to tell him he told Rin an excuse, okay? thank you for showing up again Obito and contributing nothing to the story, now please die forever.

Perhaps though it's because Obito was inside Kakashi (ah Kishi, more subtle man inside another man symbolism) that Kakashi could use the Sharingan, once Obito "passes" on the Sharingan goes with him.

The war might be over but madara is alive and as Sasuke is about to go and finish the job we see the Sage stop him and instead it's Hashirama who goes and talks to him. Plus Sasuke doesn't need to kill Madara since he lost all the Bijuus inside him and will die anyways.

One thing this war has done is make me lose a little faith in the "rules" of Naruto, oh so if someone loses their Bijuu they will die now? is that right Kishi-sama? I wonder if this rule can be ignored sometimes with some characters but exists with others, hmmmmm.....

So the final talk between Madara and Hashirama begins and it goes about as much as I expected it would, Hashirama says there is only so much a person can do in one life and Madara tells him he is naive, I wonder how that is in anyway naive because it seems pretty damn true to me, what can a person do after they die? we only have a certain amount of time and energy in our lives that we can use to accomplish our goals.
Either way Madara is content to die as Hashirama's comrade and man do I hate it when a villian who spent two lives killing and ruining the ninja world have a happy death, I am sorry but it definitely feels like he somehow escaped his own karma. How many people have died terrified of Madara? what about their families? are we supposed to say " aww man, that poor Madara, did you see how he died? so sad"

I don't think so and I don't sympathise with any villian who reforms once they can't achieve any moe murder and evil in their lives, Madara has already done so much damage, reforming in his last 3 seconds of life does no good at all, despite how sad Hashirama looks.

When the Sage says it's time for everyone to go back Naruto immediately heads to his dad to talk, this is  a talking chapter anyways and it seemed fitting for this arc to end with Naruto and his dad having one last discussion. It's the most emotional conversation of this chapter and the best one done, it's also a direct mirror to everything Kushina told Naruto when he was a baby.

I thought it was well done, while this entire arc was a huge disappointment at least the last 5 panels of it were better than I expected.

I don't know where Naruto goes from here, I know a movie is coming up that somehow ties in with the show but I am not sure how. What do you guys this of this arc and it's ending? Personally it seems Sasuke has some sort of agenda but apart from that I can't predict anything. I am also disappointed that Sasuke didn't use the power Hashirama gave him to stop Madara.

I'll give Naruto 691 a 2.5 out of 5, it has a good ending between Naruto and his dad and I like the praise Kakashi gets, however I don't care that Madara reforms in his dying breath, nor do I want to see Obito again after all this.

Till next chapter, have a great week everyone.