Thursday, 28 August 2014

Naruto 690 review

So I get home on wednesday and I expect to sit down, read the latest Naruto chapter and then post a review about it.

Imagine my surprise when we don't get a chapter yesterday but a day later. It's not big deal really since a few years ago Naruto used to be released even later than it is right now, kinda messes my schedule a bit though.

For anyone wondering why the chapter is out late it's because Japan is trying to stop piracy so we will be getting Naruto at this time from now on. I can't say it matters much because judging by this chapter Naruto is almost over now.

Anyway's let's talk about this chapter.

The chapter begins with Kaguya thinking back on her life just as she is being sealed again, I find it rather odd how Sakura is exempt from some panels that show team 7 fighting Kaguya but no matter.

Where is Sakura?
I'm pretty sure that it's the sage who uses Chibaku tensei though it's not explicitly stated, this goes back to Tobi's story early on about how powerful the sage was and how he managed to create the moon to imprison the body of the Jyuubi, little did we know at the time that he was creating a prison for his mother.

Probably the height of Naruto's story, before it went downhill.
As Kaguya is being sealed we see the Sage prepare to summon back team 7, I thought that the Sage and the Edo Hokages would end up fighting Kaguya but it seems Kishi had other plans for his manga.

We also see all the Bijuu released from Kaguya and Kurama is complimented on his Jinchuriki. Before Kaguya is fully sealed though there are 2 more issues that need to be settled, Madara who is spat out by Kaguya and Betzu who intends to return after reviving his mother for a second time but Naruto stops that plan as well.

For all the jokes about Naruto's intelligence in the end he is the only one who remembers that Zetsu started all this crap and he takes the correct steps to stop it from ever happening again.

And I thought "new moon" was just a title for a twilight book.
Of course Kishi must balance anything smart Naruto does by having him act equally dumb later on and of course he does that now. Before he can make too much fun of him thought we see the Sage along with a lot of previous Kages work together to rescue everyone and bring them back to the real dimension.

It seems the manga is over now, with the Sage congratulating everyone for saving the world, Madara is around but I think he will either die soon or have some sort of change of heart, I highly doubt Kishi will make him a villian again.

It seems like a lot of clues have ended up unused so far, Naruto's secret technique, The importance of the Akatsuki rings, Tenten and the tools of the sage, but oh well.


A very "end of story" kind of chapter which wraps up the Kaguya fight a bit too fast for my taste, personally I found her to be rather bland and boring and lacking any sort of personality. 

It was an interesting chapter but for a long time now I felt like Naruto had no risks or danger involved in it and that was proven as even in the end the only people who died in this entire war are Obito and neji, making for a war you could say.

What do I think will happen now? hmm, I am not sure if we will get a Naruto vs Sasuke fight, I think Kishi will want to end the manga by chapter 700 and he might not have time to give us a proper fight, I hope he doesn't give us a fight that lasts 1-2 panels and that's it, manga is over.

What are your thoughts for Naruto and where do you expect the story to go now? Did you like this chapter? I felt it was a...lackluster ending but hey Madara is still around so who knows? for now I give 690 a 2.5 out of 5.