Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Naruto 689 review

Greetings everyone and thank you for joining me in reviewing Naruto 689
Chapter 689 begins with Kakashi showing off his new shurikens. These new gigantic Susanoo shurikens have the ability to teleport whatever they touch to another dimension, which is sort of like regular shuriken when you think about it since they both achieve the exact same thing. Can't argue how cool they look though and loving the design of Kakashi's Susanoo, especially the scar it has.

These new shurikens are able to stop Kaguya's weird bijuu arms from doing anything. Even Naruto recognizes how cool this new ability is, while Sakura pointing out the latest plot hole about how a dead guy is able to transplant both his eyes gets ignored.

Kaguya then somehow manages to make some sort of giant black hole thingy that we are informed is A) going to be some sort of new dimension that Kaguya made thanks to the Bijuus stabilizing and B) bigger than Naruto's balls.

Noticing that the woman's ball is growing (isn't that a common sentence these days?) Kakashi gathers his team for their final strategy together, which I am sure will in some way mirror their first strategy together some how.

I always forget that kaguya can talk, since most of her communication is through black zetsu who has been hiding in her sleeve this entire time. I also wonder why she doesn't just teleport to some other dimension and wait for the whole world to die out, I mean can Kakashi really follow her with Obito's sharingan and his chakra? plus I'm pretty sure that his sharingan is temporary. Ah well real world logic doesn't apply to Naruto much.

When I saw Sasuke surrounded by Naruto clones, again I figured we'd see some sort of transformation trick somehow and that does come later but before that Kaguya apparently "powers up" somehow and she is according to Zetsu "she was nothing compared to how she is now" which I find extremely interesting because the fastest and most powerful ninja is upgraded to a level where her previous powers powers are nothing compared to her current ones. I wonder just how powerful she would be now then.

I like how Kakashi is able to use Obito's technique to phase through Kaguya's bone spear, that was a nice touch although I still prefer it when he used Kamui on other objects rather than himself. He uses Kaguya's confusion to get close and at first it looks like he sliced her arm off but apparently he just injures her instead. Then again Kaguya has had her arm torn off by Naruto and that didn't matter.

While I like it when Naruto fools his enemies it's almost always through his shadow clones and he's already done a similar trick against Kaguya before, you'd think she'd learn by now. The real Naruto approaches Kaguya's right side and when she tries to stab him with her bone technique Kakashi really nails this chapter by using his Kamui to close her portal. Sasuke also manages to impress me by swapping himself with the Naruto clone that is approaching from the left of Kaguya.

With Kaguya cornered from both sides she still manages to dodge the seals (remember, her power and speed are so much greater than before) and it's at this point that Sakura's moment to shine arrives, she first announces her gender for anyone still confused by her looks and then proceeds to yell her location, to further improve the element of surprise.

With all of team 7 attacking Kaguya from different angles it looks like she's going to be sealed soon. However I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen because...


1- We still don't know what power Hashirama gave to Sasuke, it's something related to Madara which means we should see Madara at least once more before this manga ends

2- We haven't seen the power the Sage gave to the dead Hokages, they have to be involved in sealing Kaguya before she can be fully sealed.


I actually really liked this chapter, it showed all of team 7 working together to corner Kaguya and it worked really well, not only did we see their team work but they all demonstrated their individual skill as well and it just made for a nice, fast paced chapter that I found really cool.

I don't like this sudden Kaguya power-up that just happened but it doesn't seem to matter, I also think this is a really pointless cliffhanger because we all know that Kaguya won't be sealed yet. I'll give this chapter a solid 4 out of 5 and look forward to your thoughts and opinions on it.