Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Naruto 688 review

Hello everyone and welcome to this late review for Naruto 688. Things are starting to calm down a little at work and hopefully I'll have more free time soon.

You know what I enjoyed about the last chapter of Naruto? seeing the rending of Obito's character. I don't dislike him or anything but the dude has died and come back to life so many times, having his final death like that, with him telling Naruto to be hokage was epic. Bye bye Obito, we'll never see you again, you were a bit irritating at times but you had a good death. Well one of your deaths was good at least.

Impaled by Kakashi.

Forced to use Rinnei tensei.

Crushed by a rock.

Sliced by Minato.
Yeah, Obito dies a lot and I assumed we saw that last of him in the previous chapter.

Imagine my surprise when I open 688 and the first thing I see is, shockingly, more Obito. He asks Rin to wait a little bit longer for him because he doesn't want Kakashi to join them yet, since he'd be at most a scarecrow if he came. This is actually a cool pun on the name Kakashi which actually means scarecrow.

Of course you might be thinking " b-b-but senpai!, Obito is already dead and in the other world, how can he come back?" to which Obito will reply " Screw you and your logical thinking, Imma go Jesus mode now lol"

So thanks to plot-no-jutsu Obito somehow manages to transfer his life energy or chakra or something to Kakashi. This prompts a heart to heart talk between them where for some reason Kakashi is also much younger than his current self.

I always felt that Kakashi will be the sixth hokage, ever since he was nominated for the role after the invasion of Pein, I've felt like eventually he will become the Hokage. This order from Obito also hints that Kakashi won't be dying by the end of the manga, which makes sense considering how he is receiving a totally new power out of nowhere this chapter. Kishi wants to make Kakashi important again and he's using random ghosts from the past to solve his problems, bringing back dead characters to perform some jutsu just so that he can advance the plot in some nonsense way. Something he has never done before.


Kakashi awakens a sharingan in both eyes, I always assumed that Kakashi will use Obito's sharingan again and I'm happy I'm right. It still feels a bit cheap though that Obito can just make him activate his sharingan from another world. I'm also quite sure though that this is a temporary sharingan, similar to how Sasuke was able to use Amaterasu once on Tobi, due to Itachi's seal before he died.

Back in the real world we see Naruto throw some of his black rods at the arm he sliced off from Kaguya, I suppose it's to keep the Betzu inside it from moving. At the same time Kaguya manages to stop Sasuke's attack. We then get a pretty sweet image of Naruto using 9 forms of the rasenshuriken, each one mixed with chakra from a different Bijuu and it is awesome!.

It's pretty epic looking and it looks like the technique would just about wreck anyone. Well except for Kaguya who somehow manages to fuse the chakra from the attack and turn into some weird hybrid human/nijuu/god mixture with some black slime in the sleeve. It's some weird spongebob fusion thing I don't even understand how it happens nor do I expect a good explanation for it.

What do we call this new Kaguya mixture? anyone have ideas? Can't wait for the nicknames to begin.

Kaguya uses her hand to attack Naruto and Sasuke and I love seeing Naruto use his clone to push himself out of the way, it's a small part of the chapter but I just like seeing it. I miss those sort of tactics and I'm sick of all this fusion god mode crap we get all the time.

Kaguya doesn't just target Naruto and Sasuke, she also uses her white hand attack to try and catch Sakura but before anyone else can save Sakura (because we know she can't save herself...ever) Kakashi uses his Susanno and protects her.

Yes that's right, Kakashi has Susanno now, got a problem with that?

Sasuke tries to use a pinch of logic by stating that Kakashi shouldn't even have a sharingan right now but what does it matter? Kakashi's Susanno also his the same scar as Kakashi himself, which is a nice touch I must say.


1- Kakashi won't keep this power, it's temporary and then it will fade away, I don't think it will blind him or anything though, just disappear.

2- Kakashi for 6th Hokage, this is an awesome display of power and he has the maturity and leadership that the other candidates (Naruto, Sasuke) currently lack.

3- It looks almost over for Kaguya soon, I expect his fusion to develop more though somehow, she isn't in her final form yet.


At what point did this happen? when did Naruto become this senseless? I mean we used to have some amazing 1 vs 1 fights, and while group fights were rare some of them were also pretty good, like team Asuma vs hidan and Konoha vs Pein. Kishi can make a good fight when he wants yet instead he simply chooses to power up his characters, then power up the enemy until he gets bored at which point he simply brings in a new villain and repeats the cycle.

It's annoying, repetitive and honestly just plain boring, I dislike a lot of things in this chapter, like seeing Obito come back again, seeing Kaguya absorb 9 rasenshurikens, seeing Kakashi activate Susanno, Sakura being useless again. The only thing I liked were a few visuals and that's it. For that I will give chapter 688 a 1 out of 5.